Verizon LTE

Verizon's having a little shindig tomorrow, Dec. 1, to provide details on its LTE rollout. As a refresher, Big Red's 4G service initially will be available in 38 cities and more than five dozen airports nationwide. What we're not expecting, however, is the announcement of any LTE-capable phones, like the rumored HTC Incredible HD/Mecha. Instead, we'll start with some LTE USB modems and work from there. We'll still kibitz on the presser and keep our fingers crossed, though. [Verizon]

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Dperks17 says:


dougeetx says:

Since I have the EVO, can I pick up Verizon 's 4g or is it not compatible? I'm not sure what clear has..

Sorry, you can't.
Sprint = WiMax
Verizon = LTE

tailsthecat3 says:

LTE and HSPA+ are NOT '4G'.

donnie623 says:

Sprint = big pipe
Verizon = small pipe

Droid hungry says:

We know tails. We know....

horseshoe says:

How many miles wide is a city/market?

We know it's not 4G.