Hungry for more Android on Verizon? A leaked roadmap reportedly shows Verizon’s offerings into next year. Here's what's listed: 

  • Expect another Droid out this year. The new device, dubbed the Droid Pro, will have a 4-inch screen, 1.3 GHz CPU, and will be a world phone.
  • Motorola is also working on another global device that is said to be similar to the Motorola Q, but features a full touchscreen.
  • HTC and Samsung will also release new global phones.
  • Samsung is finishing up a 7-inch tablet with a front-facing camera
  • Motorola’s rumored 10-inch tablet appears to either be suited with a 1.0 or 1.3 Ghz processor, will also have a front-facing camera and come with Android 3.0 (Gingerbread).
  • The Verizon contact said that the inclusion of Gingerbread will delay the device (we're likely to see it in February)
  • Verizon’s aim is to have 75 percent of the country covered in LTE by April 2012
  • Novatel is releasing its own LTE MiFi device early next year that will support 10 users at once
  • The Verizon source has also leaked out that LTE pricing will be at $59.99/month, though they did remind that there may be data allowances

Verizon's rumored commitment to providing a global phone to customers is great news. By providing a world phones (which have been sorely missing on Android) for travelers, its network seems even more attractive. A whole lot of speculation at this point, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t intrigued (and salivating a little bit) by these rumored devices. [BGR]


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Leaked Verizon roadmap shows tons more Android, LTE rollout


4″ screen is nice but let’s hope for slightly better resolution than what the Droid X & Droid 2 have to offer. What’s the point in having all that screen if the resolution doesn’t accommodate it properly.

Web browsing. On an LCD screen (which displays very crisp text), a larger screen (even with the same resolution) means that you don't have to zoom in as much to read text. You can look at a website and read section headers without zooming in at all, and you can click on links without zooming in at all. Obviously, higher-res is almost always better, but don't discount the advantages of large screens.

LTE is Verizons 4G and LTE is even faster than Sprint Wimax , once Verizon comes out with this , game over for most everyone else . Also AT&T better hope and pray Verizon doesnt get the iPhone , if the do BYE BYE AT&T . As foir me , I just got and love my new droid X , my phone buying days are over for a while now , when the froyo update hits the X , for me it will be the perfect phone !!! I just love it !!!

Your dead wrong. I live in Baltimore md and I'm hitting 10mbs and others are hitting 13 -14mbs in other cities on Sprints 4g wimax network. So you others can kiss my ass saying your HSPA+ and LTE networks are faster. After the Froyo update that's when I noticed the big jump in 4g speed. It already been said the wimax can get a faster over time as it rolls out and can peek faster download speeds then LTE

Facts or proof? I have seen how fast t-mobiles HSPA+ speeds are on a phone and they were getting 7mbs. Yes indeed impressive coming from a garbage network like t-mobile. Every carrier has better phones and value when it comes to there services then t-mobile. At least Verizon is moving forward with LTE, while t-mobile sits back and tries to hang on and not go bankrupt

That could mostly be from the fact that T-Mobile's network has hardly any users on it at a given time sucking up data. The more users there are, the slower the connection. Either way, it's kind of hard to say something is better than the other when that other (LTE) is still in development and not officially released.

Great rumors to track for the rest of the year. I'm especially interested in the DROID Pro and the Moto tablet. "D-PAD" maybe? :P

HURRAY! Finally a more then decent Tablet. Hopefully great tablets (that aren't bound only to Verizon) will be coming soon also, with these kind of stats.

Where's the moto 2 ghz device that the ceo of moto promised to release by the end of the year? If moto continues to lock the bootloader I will go with the most hackable super android phone out. The ability and availability of ROMs for the original droid is what made a lot of people buy it.

While I am sure that some people bought the original DROID for its openness, I do not believe that the ability to hack it was the driving force behind its sales.

We Android super users are a small minority and do not represent the average phone user.


Actually Motorola said the end of 2011 not the end of 2010. The article I read said with the new dual proc chips coming out that Motorola should be able to hit that 2ghz goal by using 2 1ghz chips.(theoretically)

I think that wasn't supposed to be literal. Typically statements like that means the civil coverage, not land mass. Kind of like when companies advertise they cover 250 million people when the carrier only has 30-80 million.

So no mention of the Fascinate. But, you'd have to guess that they'd have to release it before the Pro and any of the world phones. Otherwise, it would be totally irrelevant at its release (and it's approaching that irrelevant point very quickly).

Why would we pay for teired data its stupid when sprint might be a horrible company but still have unlimited data just costs more for 4g sounds like verizon is reverting back to there old ways

LTE is Long Term Evolution.

analog gave way to digital, then to 3G (third generation),and this is what is next.

data rates upto 15 mbs,

sprint made it's move because it had to, wi-max will not play well with other networks, or overseas, LTE will.

seattle and baltimore have been test markets for LTE deployment.

data cards first, handsets to follow...

"sprint made it's move because it had to, wi-max will not play well with other networks, or overseas, LTE will."

You've got that backwards. LTE will be on over a dozen bands in the world. Global LTE roaming will be essentially impossible. WiMAX is only on 3 bands mostly and already covers 600M pops around the world with 1B expected soon. LTE may dominate as a tech, but roaming is just a dream. WiMAX has no unit license associated though so may hang out a lot longer than most think.

Well since you are mentioning Sprint, they are going to be testing their FF-LTE in the fall in Phoenix Arizona which runs a lot more faster than anyone's LTE network at speeds of 20 - 70 mbps. So Sprint is actually always in front and have the best spectrum of all carriers. If you need proof, google Clearwire LTE.