Vais Technology is a name synonymous with OEM car stereo integration. And coming this fall, it'll be bringing some major Android integration to the factory nav screen for Toyota and Lexus vehicles. As you see in the video above, you get a relatively traditional Android experience on what looks to be a pretty crisp display. 

Vais' unit is about 5 by 4 by 1 inches and connects to the back of the radio of Lexus models from 2006-12, and 2006-09 Toyotas. (Those year models are the ones with the compatible with the high-res screens, Vias tells us.) The whole deal will run about $600.

Any takers out there for what looks to be a pretty sweet Android ride?

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Vais Technology bringing major Android integration to car Toyota, Lexus stereos


looks dangerous... what features will still be available when the vehicle is in motion? I'd love for something to be more compatible with my phone, but I'd like something that looked and worked more like the car-home app. I don't need a MHL-adapter/touch screen component in my car.

This just make sense and is where i was hoping car audio would go...... but sooner. I mean i use my Google music service and my Nexus for everything music. Go to work stream form Google play. Walking around @ the Gym Google Play. @ Home listening to music google play. When i get in my car......... um no Google play music. I could use blue tooth or 3.5MM but that's just music only and so narrow minded. With a view expanded you could see how easy it would be for your smart phone to replace your Cars Audio, Video, and GPS. I cam almost guarantee it would do all 3 things better than what you currently have in your car. Third party stereo companies looking @ after market installations should be looking into Small screens that can replace current Single Din and Double din openings just like an after market car stereo. That excepts HDMI input to the screen. The screen should be a touch screen and would be cool if the touch screen acted as an additional input device so when you swipe on the screen in the car it swipes as if you used the swipe motion on the phones screen. Make sense? In addtion to the HDMI have a 3.5MM jack wired into a amp that would be connected to the cars stereo. These cables could be ran to wherever you would like in your car, glove box, center console, to custom dock. Your phone would become your cars 4g media hub. Being able to offer up people in your car 4G hot spot. Pandora, G MUsic Streaming over 4G. Google maps, you get the picture giving you everything that Android can give in a car solution.

Guys with HOX could connect the media hub to the setup mentioned above and swipe with three fingers and be setup in...... well as short of time as it takes to swipe with three fingers.

Where have the aftermarket radio companies gone with radio innovation they say its got an ipod plug now we are good for the next five years.

This must be a joke. Having to scroll through your album by pressing arrow buttons? No thx u. This does not look optimized for cars or anything else. NEXT!

Two recommended changes so far...

1. Ditch the cursor keys. Everything, like those scroll lists and the album carousel, should be navigable via the finger swipes. It worked on some screens, but I noticed the need to resort to the cursor keys. If system too slow for swipes, speed it up.

2. Ditch the mouse cursor. I am guessing it's there because it's a R&D version.

Looking good so far otherwise.

Thats all 2......

Here are the issues i see. One it just another android device you have to mange update and patch sync your Bluetooth device to yada yada all the things i have done to my phone anywys. Assuming the manufacturer produces updates for this unit on a timely fashion. While your State of the art cell phone is running ICS, Jellybean what have you. There your in dash android unit sets running Gingerbread or some outdated OS. Second: Data Connection How will you receive data? 4G connection? who's the provider? Att, Verizon is it carrier specific. I already have unlimited data on my Nexus which makes more since just to replicate the phone to a larger in dash screen. It would suck to try an get a data plan for my in dash android unit which may or may not be supported by my carrier of choice. If it was supported by carrier of choice i don't want to shell out additional monthly access chargers for an in dash android unit when i already shell it out for my Nexus.