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This is just the beginning, folks. With the addition of the USB host capability in Android 3.1, we're about to see an onslaught of cool peripherals for Android devices. And here we have the PS3 controller being used on the Motorola Xoom. All you really need, in this example anyway, is a controller, one of those imported OTG cables and, of course, a compatible app. The latter is going to be the bottleneck at first. Write your congressman. Write your developer. And let's get this done.

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Using a PS3 controller with the Motorola Xoom


That is a micro to mini adapter.

In any case, it seems to be difficult finding something

1) Correct/working
2) Cheap
3) Cable not dongle- dongles are too much stress on micro ports
4) Female on the non-micro side

So probably a stupid question but maybe not. How would this work with a Transformer and a 360 controller. I know it's possible I just can't figure it out. I've tried with plugging the usb into my dock, but nothing happens. There is no point in me getting the otg cable because there is no port on the tablet or dock for it. I hear getting a windows wireless reciever would work, but I don't wanna throw down like $20 dollars for it unless I know it works.

Anyone have an idea on this?

Is it an actual wired controller? A wireless 360 controller with a USB cable won't work. Otherwise with Cordy its just plug n play. Other emus need button mapping.

Confirmed PS3 controller working on Transformer via USB on keyboard dock. Playing Cordy as we speak. Will be testing on emulators later today though it should work.

I would love to do this on my Xoom... but, dang, I'm in Canada. Thanks Moto. Actually, thanks Moto and Google. You suck. Actually, the Android business model with it's fractured hardware offerings and inconsistent software updating makes a great case to go Apple. I don't want to, but my next tablet may very well be Apple (or MS) if Google can't get it's act together. (And no, I don't want to root my Xoom).

Rant over.

If you dont want to root your xoom, you may as well go apple... If i had to play the same cat and mouse game with android as apple do with jailbreaking, i'd probably be an apple fan however android without root is like peanut butter without jelly! Xoom 1.7ghz OC, functioning 32gb SD card and Tiamat custom Rom = rooted glory!

I get the benefits... I'm just afraid of bricking my Xoom. And 1.7ghz OC freaks me out a bit. Won't it overheat or can it burn the processor out prematurely?

I think it depends on the specific unit as I've experienced that all processors are not created equal despite being the same chip. Some users may experience over heating and instability OC'd and some dont. I personally am able to run stable at all speeds etc 1.2, 1.4, 1.5 and 1.7ghz. I think the processor runs hot at times even with the stock kernel depending on what your doing. There isnt really any benefit at running at 1.7ghz and just dissolves battery life, I usually keep mine at 1.4ghz and I have the best combo of battery and performance.

Xoom for the win! I prefer wireless via blutetooth however a better test with the usb host capability would be to see if we can get a printer hooked up, optical drive and portable hard drive. That would be sweet if a dev makes an app so we can have these capabilities.

I tried this with a PS3 Dualshock 2 controller and the Motorola OEM micro to USB adapter. The USB to mini cable I used came with the controller, I think. It worked navigating around the home screens, but I haven't tried games yet. I was also in range of my PS3, which turned on, and maybe that's why to OEM adapter worked. I'm not rooted. Makes sense to save a little through Amazon, but has the OEM adapter worked for anyone else?