Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 update

Good news for those of you with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Not only do you have a pretty good tablet with pretty great stylus (excuse us -- "S Pen) interaction, today you're getting an update to Android 4.1.2. Jelly Bean. New features should be in line with what we described in November -- the new "multiwindow" viewing and "air view" controls for the S Pen, "easy clip" for cutting out images, and updated applications to go along with it.

Folks in our forums are all over this one, so hit the link below and get your update on.

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poppyshoes says:

Got it this morning in Maryland. Tons of new features. Love it!

Got it here in Ohio, great update.

kerrins says:

Looks like the US is starting to roll out 15-Jan-2013. This morning when I woke up, there was a notification that I have a firmware update available. It went through a long boot cycle and when I checked I was now sitting on Version 4.1.2 . Google Now is supported, I can open multiple windows, I can resize split screen applications. This is cool. I'm in California.

Tim Brown1 says:

Ok, I just tried it and I got a message saying "Access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later." :-( Oh well, I guess I will try again tomorrow. 

I got the same message and I did the update on computer with Samsung Kies, and it took about 40 minutes.

randall2580 says:

Me too. Can you guys stop hogging all the bandwidth please!! :-)

Much prettier interface than my Nexus 7 :(

And it has the S-Pen functionality. Believe me, Interface is only part of what makes this the greatest tablet on the market. (Although the Nexus 7 is freaking awesome too....and the Nexus 10)

deltatux says:

Any news for Canadian Note 10.1 users? They're pretty much the same device....

Nimocone says:

Mine just rolled in tonight. Love it!

Younjulius says:

I envy you. My galaxy note 2 hasn't received the update yet, although it was sighted back December in Europe. Something wrong with international note 2 in US?

CyberSultan says:

Got my update today, but Google Now will not turn on. Every time I try to turn it on, it takes me back to the setup screen to select "Yes, I'm in". I select that, but the settings show that Google Now is still turned off. :( I was really hoping to be able to use this feature if someone knows why it's doing this.

Edit: Discovered that I needed to go to Google Play and update Google Search. Once I did that, Google Now is working!

Still nothing in here NYC. BTW: no you cannot update via KIES.

leerage says:

Yes, you can.

mtgbronx13 says:

Nothing here in Florida either. It would be helpful if all who have gotten updates for their note 10.1 stated their locations so that those of us who haven't gotten it know what to expect or what to do. I don't want to use kies but instead get the update ota

leerage says:

Just update it through Kies. Takes like less than 30 min and you'll be done.

sunlifexxx says:

updated mine on Kies using a Mac computer , so it is not PC only

akpls says:

Installed the update and now I keep getting a pop-up message saying to log into my Samsung account.....even though my Samsung account says I am already logged in. Any suggestions?

Can i get a new up date jelly bean to my galaxy note asap tanks ralph

I heard that the galaxy note again a newer version gets. Is that true??