Updated Sense UI has remote-wipe capability

HTC Merge on US Cellular

That the US Cellular HTC Merge will be launched on May 31 should come as no surprise -- we first brought you that date four days ago (along with an early look at the regional carrier's dummy units). But USCC's gone and made it all official on Facebook, saying:

The Android-powered HTC Merge is officially launching on May 31! UPS trucks will start arriving at stores starting tomorrow so call your local U.S. Cellular location for availability.

And USCC's sweetened the deal (the phone's only $149 after contract and rebate) with a tweaked Sense UI that allows for remote wiping, should you lose the exceptional horizontal slider. Nice!

Source: Facebook; via Engadget
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US Cellular's HTC Merge officially launches May 31


HTC's re-branding of the same old phone with minor tweeks is getting somewhat bothersome. (this is an evo shift, the others are evo's) They are great phones, dont get me wrong. But it seems that every carrier has 2 or 3 versions that are the same and for some reason HTC has to change the basic styling and call it some absurd name. It also seems like there is two or three a week that come out.

That keyboard does look beautiful though! Looks very comfortable to type on