U.S. Cellular Android Froyo updates

Have an Android phone on U.S. Cellular and want to know when to expect your Froyo update? We've got the goods. If this chart we've been handed rings true, the HTC Desire and Samsung Mesmerize (Galaxy S) stand to get Android 2.2 in early February, with the LG Apex following up sometime later in the first quarter.

The Samsung Acclaim just got its update -- you can find it and all future upgrades here.

And, yes, this lends more fuel to the fire that Samsung has Galaxy S Froyo updates waiting in the wings -- the question is why nobody in the U.S. them yet. But it certainly is starting to look like we'll see them soon. Thanks, anon!

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Wow. Pushed back again. Can't say I'm too surprised tho. Also, good to see that I can update it myself and not have to take my phone to a repair center to have a rep do it like some of said.

dwd3885 says:

Actually, US Cellular said Mesmerize was to get Froyo in March, so they pushed it UP. I wonder why...

Sorry, but I was focused on the Desire update. Originally said November, then before end of 2010, then end of January, and now "early" February.

hmmm says:

I wouldn't get excited. I think Samsung's US plans are to make you purchase a new phone if you want Android 2.2.

Alex Dobie says:

Just dropping by to say us European Desire owners have had Froyo since last August :)

dwd3885 says:

Desire is not a Samsung phone. Us EVO owners have had froyo since August as well.

ChuckG73 says:

Hi just wanted to drop in and say hi, as a Galaxy S Fascinate owner I am always happy to see when other phones are getting 2.2

SmileyXX says:

One gets pushed up while the other gets pushed back. Been waiting forever for 2.2 on my Desire and now have to wait longer.

Vivi#AC says:

How is a small company (relatively) like US Cellular the first company to announce at least a month where the 2.2 update will come out for a Galaxy S phone?

jpprice says:

This is nuts. US Cellular gets a Froyo update for Fascinate, but Verizon doesn't?

suggz says:

My desire got froyo in September last yr in the UK why's it took so long across the pond

kharv says:

Unless USCellular is available in the UK, there is no need to mention how long it has been available there. Individual carriers have to make sure it is near flawless before they can release it for their customers.

suggz says:

Some right cocky pricks on here u ask a question an get smart arse remarks brings this whole site down daft cunts some people

Mptrh336 says:

Don't worry. If the mesmerize gets Froyo in early February all of us with fascinates will have the option soon after. There are some awesome dev's who will quickly take full advantage of it.

mamrozek says:

So, it mid-March and still no 2.2 update for the Mesmerize - Any updates?