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U.S. Cellular has confirmed to Android Central via email that it will be selling the new version of the Moto X smartphone from Motorola and that sales will begin sometime later in September.

The wireless carrier didn't offer any information on pricing for their Moto X version, stating only, "We are looking forward to bringing the next great Motorola device to new and existing customers, and we will share additional details as soon as we can."

Will you be picking up the Moto X from U.S. Cellular when it comes out?


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U.S. Cellular will also sell the new Moto X sometime in September


Any word if US Cellular is having the moto maker option... They didn't have it with previous generation... If yes and if the camera is better, then I just might...

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It's amazing how every carrier thinks this phone will sell numbers after the 2013 Moto X's disaster. Barely anyone I know still gravitates to Sammy and LG to an extent. I'm still picking up this phone due to the updated specs and camera.

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What is this Moto X disaster you speak of?

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I've been waiting for this phone to come out for a while. I glad the folks at U.S.Cellular made the decision to sell The New Moto X. If not I was planning to go to AT&T the only other cell phone carrier within a reasonable driving distance. I currently own the first generation Moto X and got it through U.S.Cellular I haven't been let down by my decision to acquire the Moto X since I bought it. In my opinion I think U.S.Cellular selling the Moto X did very well. Not that I work there or anything but I know a lot of people who bought the first generation X through them and the people that I know all say the same thing about this phone that I do.

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I bought the first moto x with US Cellular, I'd certainly consider the new X.

I am frustrated with US when ever I get out of the area, they apparently don't have any 4G roaming agreements in northern California so get i get 3G that is throttled to the point that pages usually time out.

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