US Cellular Motorola Xoom

That the Motorola Xoom is coming to US Cellular isn't that much of a surprise -- the proliferation of the first (and so far only) available Android Honeycomb tablet beyond Verizon was just a matter of time. Sprint appears poised to get it, too, and Cellular South's got a Wifi-only version.

So the question is will US Cellular be moving a Wifi-only version, or something will the regional carrier's data? We should find out sometime in the next couple months or so if this screen's any indication. Thanks, anon!


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US Cellular Motorola Xoom coming in the second quarter


Can't wait till the end of the year. That's when you will walk into best buy, and at the end of that mai. I aisle instead of laptops, you will fi. Do an ellipse of tablets. And twenty feet to the left you will find the apple zone. Love my XOOM,can't wait for 4g, enjoy cellular south.