US Cellular LTE

US Cellular is getting serious about their LTE rollout, and today they let a little more information trickle out on their official Twitter account:

4G LTE is almost here! A tablet will be available by the end of March, and our first Smartphone will be ready in April.

We've no clue exactly what the phone or tablet will be, but we're betting both are Android-powered.  US Cellular's 4G LTE network will launch in cities in Wisconsin, Maine, Iowa, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Texas in early 2012, and the rollout will continue throughout the year.  4G for everybody may soon be a reality.  For more information, hit the link below. 

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US Cellular LTE rollout begins soon - with a tablet in March and a phone in April


Any idea if US Cell has the same type of LTE as Verizon? I'm in Maine and would love some Verizon LTE so I didn't know if they would share the service? Yes, I know I'm grasping at straws.

Hey bud. I work for US Cellular and we actually just got a memo that came down the pipeline regarding that. Within the first 12 months of our LTE rollout there will be no LTE Roaming agreements with Verizon even though we both utilize the same bands.

I'm sure it'll come eventually, but it'll be quite a while.

Doesn't US Cellular piggy back off of Verizon?

They seem like a decent company and I like there 'rewards' (couldn't think of a better word for it) program for getting upgrades and accessories. That said, still haven't found a signal that beats Verizon.

Any chance they could be getting a Nexus? They've gotta be about the same size as a Rogers or Telus, I'm sure they could have sales to support it.

Verizon has by far the best signal in my area as well but no 4g yet so I was thinking that with this maybe we might get some soon . . .

US Cellular covers over half of the country. Its in the mid central, northwest coast and some of the east coast united states where they dominate. Verizon and US Cellular do have an agreement, as they both use the same technology to run of eachothers towers. As far as the nexus goes, I wouldnt rule it out. US cellular will be pushing their 4G like crazy and will need 4G devices on their network. Unfortunately we will have to wait till spring till we know more.

rumor is that its gonna either be the galaxy s2 or the Nexus. i have been with US Cell for a long time and they always push things back. They told us last year that we would have it by Christmas. Well it was around Thanksgiving the said Q1 around mid January and now April. im not gonna hold my breathe on this one. i have been up for upgrade since last April just waiting for a good phone to come out

US Cellular never made an official statement that 4G would roll out in 2011. It was merely their intent and hope to do so. However beta testing had some bugs. And being a company that thrives on their award winning coverage, a decision was made to push the date back to fix those bugs to continue to deliver that award winning far as their first 4G phone. I would highly recommend putting your money on the mesmerize/galaxy II.

So I might get a Galaxy Nexus yet! Lol not that its "big deal" status will still be around after CES none the less I'm into pure Android and I'd love to see that device come to my new carrier

-__- REALLY My old home in davenport iowa has 4g before sprint even rolls out 4g in detroit -_______- WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Sprint put their money and focus into launching the iPhone. Everybody says they would like for US Cell to get the iPhone, and I agree it would be great for business. But apple's price wasn't right, and US Cell decides to put their money into launching their LTE network. Which will be best in the long run. As of right now US cellular is tied with AT&T, ahead of Sprint, and ahead of Tmobile as far as LTE locations being launched. In 5 years will it be more relevant that US cellular has the 2nd/3rd largest 4G coverage. Or that they waited till the iPhone 5 to make a deal with Apple.