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Promotional plan brings affordable unlimited data without long-term contract

US Cellular has just announced a new plan that comes in at only $50 a month and doesn't require a long term contract. Lately consumers have become more interested in mobile plans that don't require a contract, and US Cellular wants to get in on the action. This promotional plan will bring you unlimited voice, text and data for the low price of $50. 

In addition to the new plan, US Cellular is offering a few handset promotions — with the ZTE Director priced at $49, the Kyocera Hydro XTRM and Samsung Axiom at $129.99 and the Moto X coming in at $299 with mail-in rebates.

The new plan is available now either online or in-store.

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US Cellular announces new $50 unlimited contract-free plan


Just checked the plan. Throttling starts after 500mb. Doesn't come close to most of the MVNO plans from Straight Talk, H20, Net10 etc.

MetroPCS is better though. Since T-Mobile bought them, you get T-Mobile's coverage with the same plans (unlimited everything throttled after 500 MB, 2.5GB, and unlimited) for $40, $50, and $60 respectively.

So same plans as T-Mobile's for $10 less across the board.

I agree. I've been using metro pcs for a couple months now and I'm happy with them. I have the $60 unlimited plan, and just to see how far I could go I used almost 20gigs streaming Netflix for my son while we're out during the day. Never skipped a beat. I don't believe I even get US Cellular in my area.

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I know, that does suck.. Hopefully they will expand more since the merger with T-Mobile. I live in Florida and I can remember when metro was so bad you couldn't leave the city or you had no coverage at all since they didn't roam on other towers.

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In retrospect, getting this CDMA carrier converted over to GSM is a good thing. However, I would have considered a banding together of all the small regional and prepaid carriers using CDMA. US Cellular, Metro PCS, Cricket, and C-Spire together would have Bern a lofty move, but that would certainly have power after all of their spectrum was merged together.

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Read the fine print...
"No Contract Unlimited Data Speed: Full applicable data speeds apply for the first 500MB of usage. Data speeds shall be slowed to 1x thereafter for the remainder of the billing cycle"

I assume that means knocked down to "1xRTT" data rates...The 1X standard supports packet data speeds of up to 153 kbit/s with real world data transmission averaging 80–100 kbit/s in most commercial applications.

No thanks...

I went over my 5GB cap last month and T-Mobile throttled me down to 1x. Pretty much everything was unusable. About all I could do was get email notifications. 500MB? Might as well not even offer data at that point.

I downloaded the 492 megabyte Dead trigger 2 update in less than two minutes on my Verizon unlimited 4g. How can this plan which only includes 500mb 4g even be called unlimited?

No sir. You are wrong. $50/month on T-Mobile is unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 500 mb at 4G speeds.

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And then after you are throttled at a VERY low speed. Sounds just like this US Cellular plan.

And I have used 1xRTT before, you might as well have no data at all at that point.

I haven't. I've never used data on a feature phone before.
Of course, that was from when I was with Verizon.

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If you do not have a TRUE unlimited data plan (Verizon and AT&T don't even offer one now), then you are THROTTLED, CHARGED, or CUT OFF after the limit.

So you are either paying a LOT on TMobile for a truly unlimited data plan, or you ARE being throttle down to very low speed. Read their site- it is pretty clearly indicated.

Only Sprint and TMobile offer plans now that are truly unlimited.

Last time I checked, 70 dollars per month was cheaper than what Verizon (unless you have the loyalty plan) and AT&T offer.

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Just beside you bought one with the unlimited 4G doesn't mean that they don't offer a plan with throttling after 500 mb. That's the lowest data plan they offer is 500 mb at up to 4G.

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RE: Verizon "unlimited" comment.... Yeah, too bad nobody but a small handful of grandfathered Verizon users can do that. All the rest have hard limits.

For the majority, this really isn't a great deal. For those that use less than 500mb a month, and there are smartphone users who use less than 500mb a month, this isn't a bad deal.

I'll stick with $45 Straight Talk on att. So far its been great, at least as good as when I was on a post paid att plan for a couple months.

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The person or persons who use less than 500 mb per month have wifi on everywhere...home, car, work, grass, water, toilet...

In other news i do not like justin bieber

Ha!!! My water and toilet give me 500mbs speeds everyday!! While on the throne I can download a whole movie in 6.7 seconds!!! It handles all the other shit I throw at it too!!!

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When we were on US Cellular, we had 5GB of data each, although we probably didn't go over 2GB/each all that often. I couldn't see trying to live with only 500mb, then going down to 1X data speeds for the rest of the month. I'm sure they would be glad to sell you more monthly data... :/

Around here, US Cellular coverage was pretty good, although my wife had almost no bars at work, which isn't good for someone working in a hospital who needs coverage everywhere. They have a habit of changing their payment structure quite often. No real other complaints about USCC, although we've been happier since leaving them.

That must have been over a year ago. My wife is on US Cell (besides Verizon, they're the only reliable carrier where she works), and their customer service has taken a severe nosedive lately. The last two times I called them, I was on hold for more than 40 minutes. The first of those times, when I finally got connected to a representative, I was told that my account could not be accessed "for security reasons", and to try again tomorrow. Nevermind that the service was disconnected due to their billing error.

As soon as Sprint upgrades the tower near her job, it's gonna be buh-bye US Cell.

You're welcome, lol.

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