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Just after lucky customers began to receive emails confirming that their preordered Samsung Galaxy S IIis have shipped, US Cellular has officially announced availability of the flagship phone.

The 16GB version will be available to purchase online starting July 11 (that's this Wednesday) and will arrive in retail stores by the end of the week. The 32GB version will be made available 'shortly after that'.

The cost of both will be $199.99 (16GB) and $249.99 (32GB) after a $100 mail-in rebate.

So if you weren't able to get your pre-order in or you're just waiting to play with one, you'll be able to pick one up tomorrow and at the end of the week directly from the store. If you do pick one up, share your experience in the Samsung Galaxy S III Forum!


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US Cellular announces availability of Galaxy S III, 16GB version onsale tomorrow


Can we get our own section in the forum for uscc s3? Incitatus im blaming you now if a delay happens.... Well maybe not.

I'd second that. The U.S. Cellular Galaxy S II also doesn't have it's own forums, and the Galaxy S III is definitely a phone worth foruming about. I'm going to need directions if I root this thing and I'm willing to bet their's something different about it from the other Galaxy S III's.

Wow this is a really great review! Props to the person who wrote it! It is a lot more comprehensive and detailed, and less biased than mainstream sites like CNET, CNN, Fox News, etc. Great job!