The Droid Incredible was a tough nut to crack, but cracked it was, though the method for rooting was a bit, shall we say, difficult. But the Unrevoked team has updated its one-click method for the Dinc, and it's a new day in America, folks. Fear not, and get your root on. [Unrevoked via Twitter] Thanks to everyone, and we mean everyone, who sent this in.


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Unrevoked root method now works on Verizon Droid Incredible


ive been waiting so long for this! i will attempt this after i get off work.

any idea on how long the whole process takes? im pumped

If i do this to my Dinc, then i get a replacement on monday, will i be able to remove this so they dont know it was rooted?

The site appears to be down on my computer here at work. I do not see the Incredible on the homepage and none of the links from each phone do anything.

This takes literally like 5-10 minutes if you do it correctly. I just did it on my Evo.

Just install drivers (there's a file that comes with the download saying how) and run the .exe file.

Awesome stuff.

If you're really a Linux user you know that the Linux way is to do the programming yourself. It's called open source, program and compile the code and you're done.

Does anyone know if this can be undone? I'm getting a replacement on Monday and I don't want to do this if it can't be undone.

Yes, it will eventually (if not already) be able to be undone. A later RUU will be available to return back to stock however the newer RUU may prevent re-rooting.

Download the .zip file that comes from the download.
Run the zip file it should ask where to extract it... Choose whatever folder.

Open the .htm file in the list of files that extracted.
It gives you directions on how to install the drivers.

Once the drivers are installed... just connect the phone to your computer and select charge only for now. Run the reflash executible file...

It should reboot your phone into recovery mode or whatever. Basically use the volume down button to select HBOOT USB and press the power button.
It'll do everything else on its own.
Then once the unrevoked 3 program says "Done"... and just press power again and you'll be rooted.

That's basically it. I even made it seem a bit more complicated than it really is.
The unrevoked3 program should already lead you through whatever I said, but I just reiterated it.

Yea mine still doesn't work. I have done everything it says as far as using the drivers. it even says android bootloader. The unrevoked application reboots my phone into hboot and then says wait for reboot. The phone then restarts and says "HTC INCREDIBLE" Stays there for a min and then the unrevoked app says pushing recovery do not touch phone but about 2 seconds later my phone goes through its startup sequence even as the unrevoked app is trying to talk to it.

same exact thing here... except mine doesn't get to pushing recovery, still waiting to reboot even though my phone already rebooted...

did you get yours??

It half-roots your phone.
It gives you superuser permissions.

With superuser permissions, you can do wifi tethering, which is a big deal for MANY people.
Then you can also backup your apps using Titanium Backup.

Wifi tethering, as you should know, lets you use your phone's internet connetion on other devices like your laptop/netbook/ipod touch/DSi/etc.

Supposedly the OTA update is coming today that seems to include the same goodies as the root. Should I just wait for the OTA or will root give me something better/different?
If I root, will I lose the ability to receive the OTA update?

I tried this, all of it. I installed the drivers it pointed me to, I followed every step as it is said to, and I cannot get this phone rooted... oh well, I guess I will just not do it and deal with that ever annoying city ID.... oh the horror...

This was much easier on my Mac and or Linux where there was no USB driver tinkering to be done. Rooted a few days ago, was wondering when you guys were going to post this as I thought this was kind of a big deal. Now if only we can get a stable version of CM6 for the DINC that allows the camera/gps/wifi and everything to work, I'll start ROM flashing :)

AMAZING! This took all of 2 min if that it did everything all I had to do was plug the phone in and done it did the rest! Im rooted and ready to rock!

Mac OS X

downloaded unrevoked but it says waiting for device,plug phone in now and enable usb debugging. i plug it in but nothing happens HTC EVO Mac OSX can someone help please

you have to enable the usb debugging. You can do that by doing the following.

from your phone:

Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging (make sure it's checked)

Uber YES I am now rooted on my DI and boy do I love it. Droid x users have wifi tether but they need to pay for it suckers!!!!!!

Well, apparently it worked. Sort of. The only thing I noticed is the SU icon on my phone but it does nothing with regards to WiFi tethering. Did I miss something?

all the folks talkin about rooting evos aren't helping us who are trying to root are incredibles.... it's an incredible thread isn't it???? all you're doing is confusing me.

with that being said, i've got the drivers installed, but what next? my phone is still sitting here in recovery mode tethered to the computer.... the next step on the directions just says run the unrevoked executable file, enable usb debugging on my phone and then tether it...

do i need to reboot my phone?
do i leave it tethered and then run the evo3 file?

help, please???

Reboot the phone into its standard operating configuration. Just like you're going to use it. Then run the exe

idk, it's "pushing flasher" for like a million years now.., is it cuz i'm running windows XP and not vista or 7????

So is this the complete root that allows me to flash custom roms or is it just the same as the half root that I did a few weeks ago

As I read it, you can flash a custom recovery image in .img format, but not a .zip ROM.

From the More Information page:

How do I use a custom recovery image instead of the packaged ClockworkMod?
You will need to choose a .img file, which is a binary file suitable for flashing. A .zip file will not work and may render your recovery partition inaccessible until you run unrevoked3 with an appropriate image.

Huh.... i'll have to try it out. Do I need to unroot my phone from before? Or can I just go ahead with this?

No idea. But I wouldn't unroot a phone that's already been rooted.
Thus far, I cannot find a single IMG to flash to my newly unlocked Incredible.
Meanwhile, ROM's are aplenty.

So, here goes,
9:43 AM - Downloaded & Installed UNREVOKED3
9:44 AM - Downloaded & Installed Android USB driver
9:45 AM - Connected Incredible to PC while UNREVOKED3 running
9:49 AM - (after "waiting a couple extra seconds cause windows sucks" I Have ROOT! WOOT WOOT!

Soo...Now that I have ROOT what mayhem can I get into?

Thanks to the Unrevoked3 Team for making this "Painless".

I am trying to root but I am stuck. Under other devices in device manager, I have a question mark with an exclamation point next to android 1.0. When I right click I get the option to update driver but when I click it, I get the update hardware wizard. I am running Windows XP. Can anyone help?

followed all directions and all drivers are installed, (don't recall phone rebooting) then set to debuging mode and evo3 has been saying "pushing recovery image" for about 20 mins. now ??? any ideas

i followed the 10 min. root video on this site and youtube and had some problems i don't know anything about to even begin to fix. i downloaded sdk and put it in the c:\ drive, opened prompt and followed the inst. and got the device not found. followed the inst. through the rocovery mode selection on the handset and after that the man explains two ways to get the desired result; first typing the up arrow and enter on adb shell, and second (if that didn't work) typing loop.bat. neither do anything for me and i hit both like a hundred times. they just say the path not found or adb isn't recognized as and internal or external command (something or other). I tried to download root explorer and got everything working but then is said my phone needed to be rooted. also tried to do it tethered through cmd prompt and the c drive and adb push and it won't push my custom boot thingy. that is all i want it to have a cool boot logo or startup whatever you call it. PLEASE help if ya don't mind thanks for your time

GOD I am so frustrated it's not even funny. I followed ALL the instructions on the unrevoked website for my incredible. I have all drivers installed correctly. Everything is as it should be. USB debugging is on. Sd card is out. I have my incredible plugged into the usb and on charge only, with debugging. I run the reflash.exe and the unrevoked3 screen comes up and says waiting on my device.
for some reason it isnt recognizing it.
If one more person tells me to turn debugging on I'm going to shoot myself because damnit it is on!

Someone please tell me there's something I can do about this? I've been trying to sort out this problem for about 3 hours and frankly I'm pissed. Also I'm running off of windows XP if that matters.