dell streak

If you’ve been itching to get your hands on the near indestructible Dell Streak (aka the Dell Mini 5) you’ll be happy to know that starting next month, it will be available directly through Dell’s own website. Since its being sold unlocked and unsubsidized, it takes a little sting out of the $500 price tag it carries. You’ll have the choice of being able to activate it over AT&T or T-Mobile’s networks, most likely, and you won’t be locked in to any 2-year contract. Even though our European friends are getting the Streak a little earlier than us (this Friday), fear not friends, we’re not too far off. [via Engadget]

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Are T-Mobile 3G bands supported?

Sonix says:

At what speed(bands), and will it have Google Navigation? I did see Google maps.

johnh1234 says:

So can I just take the sim card out of ny iPhone and put it in this without ATT involvement?

weehooherod says:

Can this be used as a regular cell phone?

jf79 says:

Hmm, that cable in the pic looks like it came from an iPhone.

sky says:

thank you for your sharing.

ken.b says:

Hmmm.... does this mean that the Amazon Kindle app will be out this weekend as well???

sevans76 says:

this phone makes the Evo look really small.