HTC Verizon phone

What's that you say? Another leaked HTC phone? This time it's clearly slated for Verizon. And judging by the rear of the thing (which you can see in the picture after the break), it's almost a dead ringer for a follow up to the Droid Incredible (which is also peeking in at right in the picture above.)

Looks like HTC might well be moving to one of those invisible capacitive button deals -- much like how the buttons seem to disappear on the Nexus S, or a few of the Samsung Galaxy S phones. That hasn't be our most favorite feature, but to each his own.

It's possible we might see this guy at Mobile World Congress, but we're not betting on it, given the often Euro/Asia nature of the event. One more pic after the break. [Mobile01 via Engadget]

HTC Verizon phone

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Stang68 says:

No front cam? :(

Kyle Gibb says:

Picture is pretty blurry, hard to tell for sure.

bhulman says:

There is something happening on the top left of the screen, but with this kind of image quality, who knows. It would be pretty silly not to have one in the emerging market I would have thought.

rugbyua9 says:

Not at top left but at top right you can see a small circular silvery hole.

mykpfsu says:

That hole is more pronounced then anything on the Incredible, so it could be a front facing camera.

rugbyua9 says:

This is purely a 3g phone as well. It will suit me well as I wont be getting LTE for probably another year.

atlas9171 says:

Same here, probably won't have LTE in a year but who knows, just hope this phone is out by April when I can upgrade.

EvanJ18 says:

So many HTC devices! I don't feel comfortable just jumping into the thunderbolt now.

nscott69 says:

Looks like they beefed up the stock battery, the hump on the back looks bigger.

mykpfsu says:

But only 2 levels compared to 3 on the Incredible. The battery may not be that much bigger.

hmmm says:

Yay, chrome trim.......................................................................................................................................

laurel25 says:

No trackpad. That sucks - I use that all the time to edit text.

ilongbored says:

With Gingerbread, the trackpad is much less important. Gingerbread on my Evo works great for editing text.

DNicolasL says:

+1 I don't miss the HTC keyboard anymore.

hoosiercub says:

I have Gingerbread on my Dinc, and I still use the trackpad, it IS important and more direct/efficient than trying to finger your way back through a typo on a 3.7" or even 4.3" screen. HID interfaces are still completely relevant, and like that other guy I'd really prefer it to have one.

Dark_Blu says:

You have Gingerbread on your EVO?? How did you manage that? Mine came with Froyo.

romma says:

Probably Cyanogen or r2doesinc or some other custom rom... Like myself. I am running gingerbread on my Dinc.

dreedy01 says:

Now if this is a device that is definitely in the works and not a prototype before the TBolt then I will definitely have a decision to make b/c I love my DInc, just wished it was 4" or 4.3" like the EVO. Everything else is perfect. We shall see....

rugbyua9 says:

It will be released. Panda hasn't got his hands on it yet though.

dreedy01 says:

Yay for the release....bummer on Panda not having his hands on it yet though

svargas05 says:

Pardon my ignorance...

but who the F is Panda?

I keep hearing about "Panda Panda Panda!"

But I dont know who he is :(

DNicolasL says:

I think its Phil

rugbyua9 says:

No... he's a guy on twitter who is a verizon engineer whos tests the new equipment... usually drops hints in form of poems or riddles on his wordpress account.

El Jefe says:

LOL @ Phil's codename..."Panda".

Jerry should be "Grizzly" (obviously) :-)

mikes1426 says:

2011 is definitely shaping up to be a good year for phones. Gonna be difficult for those having to upgrade this year. Wonder what the specs are gonna be.

thisisbenji says:

I hope this comes out not too much after the tbolt. I'm liking the size of this phone.

Looks JUST like an iPhone 3G or iPod. Hide the verizon logo at the top and photoshop in a circle button at the bottom. BAM! lol

I'm sorry, but I am going to have to call bullsh!t on all these leaks. I think the "leak" is now simply 'early advertising'.

Every-fncking-thing is "leaked" a week or two before, nowadays. Don't you all have NDA's and secrecy covenants in place?

rugbyua9 says:

And you're complaining why?

AusFest says:

If its 3g and runs cyanogen mod, ill pick it up. Big fan of the Original Dinc

ben dover says:

that USB cord in the background looks bent. anyone else see that?

svargas05 says:


You're right. What are we gonna DO!?

ReaganDee says:

The USB was the first thing I noticed right after I thought "wow they ripped off the iphone 3 design really bad on this one"

Keep the buttons like on the evo!

DreamSTi says:

The Panda HAS had this phone, if you followed him on Twitter you would know this.

coronaboy10 says:

Well the back looks like an incredible. Not sure i like that chrome bezel as it just reminds me of that other device's 3g versions from last year. Hoping its duo and LTE.

dacp283 says:

I just think the " with HTC sense" printed on the back is lame. Replace sense with google and I'd care about this phone. What do ya wanna bet it's gonna have bing.

Bendroid55 says:

My fear exactly.

mykpfsu says:

Notice how the Thunderbolt isnt carrying the Droid moniker? That is more likely to have Bing then something with the Droid branding. Pretty sure no Droid has Bing.

dreedy01 says:

The Thunderbolt is Google'd out, no Bing as indicated by the press announcement at CES and the "with Goggle" stamping on the kickstand. It will have Google, I think Verizon has stopped with the "Droid" branding of their high end handsets and left the Droid name strictly with Motorola, minus the already opted Droid Incredible and Droid Eris. Or maybe even they will leave the "Droid" tag with this device and opted not to put "Droid" on the TBolt because they knew this was gonna come out already.

mykpfsu says:

Also I just remembered and checked. The leak pics of the prototype Incredible also had a back that said "With HTC Sense" but thats not what happened at launch.

its not a 3g phone people. its the dinc 2, why else would they just happen to snap a pic next to the OG dinc? and that little circle on the top right... yeah, thats a camera. if it was 3g, no one would buy it and i think HTC wouldnt go that route.

rugbyua9 says:

it is 3g... its been confirmed. 90% of the markets in the US will not have LTE anytime soon. There is a NEED for non-lte phone for those of us who won't have LTE for a year.

Why would I buy an LTE phone if I can't use it? The Thunderbolt is an OG Incredible with LTE. No thanks.

Know your facts.

if you buy a 4g phone u can still use 3g dude... just cuz its 4g doesn't mean that u cant use it ... this phone will have 4g its an upgrade from the original inc think about it ?

they said they will be releasing a 3g phone but they didn't say which phone

hoosiercub says:

The Thunderbolt is more like a MyTouch4g in EVO's clothing, than an OG Incredible.

Know YOUR facts my friend.

rugbyua9 says:

wow... no kidding you can use 3g with an LTE phone... but you also pay a premium for the lte radio + 4g signal. Remember sprint and the evo? You think Verizon will sell 4g phones without a 4g plan? HAHA. Yeah right.

So every phone for sprint that comes out after the EVO is 4g? Optimus? Transform?

crxssi says:

Yes. Sprint just announced that ALL smart phones now have to pay the so-called "Evo tax", 4G or not. Of course, Sprints pricing will STILL be lower than Verizon or AT&T, but the gap is closing some (until Verizon raises their prices yet again and widens the gap).

dreedy01 says:

Hate to tell ya dude but BlackManX said on his Twitter feed just 5 days ago that the DInc 2 is non LTE (no 4G) and I'm pretty sure he has alil more inside information and know about devices than you. Check out his post on the link below....

hoosiercub says:

Meh, thats about all I have to say about it, I'd rather have an LTE device, so that I can use CDMA 3G and LTE when we get it around here, or whenever I travel to someplace that does have it. Its like Verizon skipped over the entire state of Indiana, except West Lafayette, where Purdue University is.. Indy's airport doesn't even have LTE.

That being said, my only complaint with this phone is that the camera on the back still sticks out.. I hate this for two reasons, 1. Its out away from the rest of the back of the phone, therefore its more apt to getting damaged when setting the phone down on its backside, which is what any sain person would do as opposed to face down. 2. Its uneven, the EVO's stick-out camera was in the middle, the original Incredible, and this one, is offcenter, it causes the phone to sit unflush and uneven with the surface, so for those of us using alternative launchers with landscape homescreens, it causes it to almost always roll into landscape when you set the phone down, a minor irritance, but an irritance never the less. Yes I know its an option you can turn off in launcher setting, but I like landscape, just don't want my phone flipping to it everytime I set it down. My current Inc with the TPU skin does this anyways, even though the camera is flush and the back is flat. I think it has something to do with the calibration of when you set the phone down. Regardless.. flush camera is just a better idea. No more delicate aluminum/glass that just hangs out there.

hoosiercub says:

Im kinda glad to see the invisible capacitive buttons, Those or the simple icons, Makes me happy that HTC is leaving the big circular icons for the EVO series on Sprint, it looks fugly.

craigrn16 says:

That's nice. Now when is the release date for the Thunderbolt

Bla1ze says:

Why does it look like an iPhone 3G? lol

htowngator says:

Great phone to get the wife after I get Bionic of T-Bolt :)

hoonaynay says:

Hey it's an iPod touch! Cool!

fillossofer says:

Looks like it might also have additional microphones for noise cancellation (holes on the bottom of the back). That would be a big improvement, as the current incredible sounds terrible when talking on it outside. If the screen is 4.3, that's too big for me though. I think 4.0 is the sweet spot.

wAnted says:

HTC 3GS. lol!

Joker35 says:

things are going to get interesting...

DINCguy says:

I liked my eris, I love my incredible, and if this is going to be its successor then I'm pumped. It does appear to have a front facing camera in it's top left corner, and I can only hope. It also seems pretty clear that its screen size has increased quite much over the OG dinc in the corner, which is a nice plus. Idrc whether or not it's 4g enabled, as long as it comes packing a dual core and more ram. That just makes sense to me.