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We love to see Android applications get updated, and we love even more when they are completely re-written and redesigned. Ultimate Stopwatch & Timer has just received a huge update that brought a ton of new greatness to it like

  • New clean design
  • Action Bar on all versions (using ActionBarCompat)
  • Touch feedback on all elements
  • Light face for stopwatch, Dark face for countdown
  • Lap Times separated out
  • Built for Android 4.0 with support for versions 2.0+
  • Portrait / Landscape layouts for all sceen sizes including QVGA and Tablets

Beyond these additions they have also implimented a bunch of bug fixes for various issues that were reported from the users. Update should be hitting the market, so be sure to hit the break for download links.


Reader comments

Ultimate Stopwatch & Timer hits v5.0, brings complete rewrite and new designs along


That looks just like my stopwatch that I still have when I was running high school track many years ago. Gotta download this one for old times sake.

I used to use this app as a timer, but then it started chiming notifications at random unless you did a force stop. May have to try it again if that's one of the (major) issues they fixed.