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As Sony prepares to launch the first of its 2012 smartphones in the UK, one retailer has taken the initiative to offer the earlier Sony Ericsson flagship at a significantly reduced price. Right now British online store Dialaphone will sell you an Xperia Arc S for £199.89 off-contract -- a good deal less than the £350+ you'd have paid in late 2011. The offer applies to PAYG Arc S models locked to O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile or Orange, assuming you purchase a £10 top-up with either network at the same time.

As we discussed last year, the phone packs a pretty comprehensive feature set, including an excellent EXMOR R camera, in a slim, stylish chassis. It's also due an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in the weeks ahead, which should give it a new lease of life. For more on the Arc S, check out our exhaustive review. Or if you're wondering what's next from Sony, you'll want to take a look over our initial review of the Xperia S.

Source: Dialaphone; via: Eurodroid


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UK Xperia Arc S price plummets ahead of Xperia S launch


I wonder how much unlocked versions of the ARC S will go down? I didn't think the ARC series had enough RAM to support ICS. Still it's a beautiful device that never got the exposure in the US it deserved since neither AT&T or T-Mobile chose to offer it.

I ordered one of the xperia Arc S from newegg for $359 unlocked with the 850 band which will work on at&t. The limited internal memory doesn't bother me much because I'll root it and use App2SD to move the apps that can be ran from the SD to my SD card. Keeping my fingers crossed.