UK Xoom price

UK retailer PC World opened its Motorola Xoom promotional page today, which for a brief time showed the Wi-Fi version of the tablet priced at a shockingly reasonable £449.99 (~$720). The price has since been removed, but not before Eurodroid managed to grab some photographic evidence (see above).

If accurate, this is a very competitive price for a high-end tablet in the UK market -- though still a good $120 more expensive than Wi-Fi Xooms sold across the pond. The £449.99 price point would place the Xoom within £20 of the cheapest iPad model, and see it more or less matching the current RRP of the Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Motorola Xoom is due to launch in the UK sometime in the second quarter of the year, with the Wi-Fi version being sold exclusively by PC World's parent company Dixons Retail, and the 3G version being exclusive to the Carphone Warehouse. [PC World, Eurodroid]


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UK Xoom price listed, then pulled


That price is amazing. If converted to dollars (not straight up conversion, but compared to similiar products over here) it could be around $525. It's much closer to the 16Gb wifi iPad in pricing than the 32Gb, and like you said, matches the $500 tab. Moto, please let this pricing be true, and spread across the pond!

"though still a good $120 more expensive than Wi-Fi Xooms sold across the pond"

Did I miss something? I never saw the prices for the wi-fi only version other than the UK one...

If we ever see a Wi-fi tablet here. That is the ONLY thing Apple has ever done right, is launch their Wi-Fi version first. Why the hell do US carriers think the majority of people want 3G tablets??? 90% of people who will buy that have a rooted android phone, and the rest peobably wont ever leave the safety of their home Wi-Fi.

I've got money just sitting there waiting for a Wi-Fi android tab. Maybe I'll just buy 2 or 3 nook colors...

>"Why the hell do US carriers think the majority of people want 3G tablets???"

They don't. That is exactly why they spend lots of money to get an exclusive contract on ALL the models and release the 3G first, to force the impatient to pay a LOT more for a device- when most really want wifi-only but simply can't wait and spend the extra $.

Then when that market is saturated in a few to several months, they release the WiFi-only version.

It sucks, but that appears to be the way it works. Good for the carrier, bad for the consumer.

So, the patient continue to wait.......

What you guys also have to remember is that price is for rip off Britain. Expect the international price to be much lower. Converting the cost directly doesn't give the real picture.

Just to let you guys know, I just googled the Euro-USD exchange rate because $720 seemed a bit high, and it is. It should be about $622. Unless I'm reading the article wrong, if so then sorry..