Great commercial spots highlight Google Now, Hangouts and Google Play Books

If there's one thing that Google is great at as of late, it's commercials for its products. Whether its showing off the power of Gmail, Google Search or its Nexus devices, it always knows how to hit your emotions in the right way. The latest two commercials, titled "Study Hall" and "Best Friend" keep up its "Made for what matters" series of commercials, showing what you can actually do with the Nexus 7.

The first commercial, shown above, is a short 15 second spot showing a college kid using Google Now for reminders and search, as well as buying a book through Google Play.

Hit the break for the second commercial spot, and have a box of tissues ready — Google knows how to tug at the heart strings to sell a tablet.

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Ryandroid86 says:

That second commercial really makes me want one.

First one is way too short and I can barely figure out what's going on.

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Xader says:

Yeah, the first one seemed like it was advertising the Google search engine more than a device...

I prefer cats.

still1 says:

oh... then search cats on youtube you will find millions of videos

Hunter Petit says:

Over 9000!!

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dc9super80 says:

I love my mac and my iPhone gets me through the day (though November 1st is a day I am looking forward to), but I love my Nexus 7. It´s a great product. In the "small" tablet´s category I think it is the best size and it comes with stock Android, a major plus for me.

MUFColin says:

If stock Android is a major plus for you, why do you have an iPhone?

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Jaredshoes says:

Because he wants one?

savdini says:

Again, why?

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vansmack says:

I love the theories in the you tube comments crack me up, especially the second one.

Tesla67 says:

I asked google "how do i get home" It gave me search results.... No navigation. Now when i say directions to home or navigate home it works but not "how do i get home"...

newboyx says:

Do you have Google Now set up?

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dc9super80 says:

He seems to be correct "how do I get home" brings up search results for "how do I get home." Google Now while excellent, works better for providing information without being asked, and giving great search results when asked. Siri with "how do I get home" opens maps and starts dictating directions to my home.

Josh Trolio says:

Google now navigates home too you just have to have it set up so it knows where home is. I use this all the time on my Nexus..

savdini says:

You have to set up your home address in Google Now first. Once you open it up for the first time you'll be prompted to set up your key info.

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You must say "Google, how do I get home?" then it will give you directions. Works great.

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dc9super80 says:

It works for directions to work not home. But I am home right now so I will try it tomorrow. So maybe the key is using the name Google before your question so as not to confuse it with a search request.

Chex313 says:

^ this...

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jimbo says:

Am I able to tether my HTC EVO 4G LTE to a "wifi" Nexus 7 (13) to get Internet when out and about where wifi is unavailable?

If so, can I tether wirelessly?

If tethering is possible, is there a method to avoid a service fee to tether my Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE to a Nexus 7 (13)?

Does Google Navigation function while in transit on a "wifi" Nexus 7 (13) with maps previously downloaded without a provider of cellular service or tether?

Perhaps the HTC Max with Sense 5.5 and an IR blaster should be my complementary broad performance tablet option that I would definitely not use as a embarrassingly stupid gigantic handset for phone calls.

NoNexus says:

Umm yes

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

jimbo says:


pckocher says:

You have many questions, Mr. Sparkle.

savdini says:

Now if they put these commercials on TV, that'd be great

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Google hasn't been shy about putting them on TV so far, don't see why these wouldn't go up too.

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RexMaximus says:

I saw the second one on a morning news commercial break earlier this week, that's how I first saw it.

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ctk4949 says:

Poor dawgie!! I hope he is OK!!

Rich Hopp says:

Love my nexus 7! Love my Galaxy Note my ipod touch... Something is missing here... Oh yeah.... An android pmp that is competitive with an ipod touch