Twitter Beta Testing

Weekly updates will roll out with the latest experimental Twitter features

Twitter is jumping on the official Google Play bandwagon today, opening up experimental builds of its app to willing testers. Just as we've seen recently with Facebook's move to proper beta testing, Twitter is opening up the program through Google Groups to anyone that wants to sign up.

Once signed up, your account will be flagged as on the beta track, and you'll soon see an update via the Play Store to the latest experimental build. From that point forward, you'll receive updates on the beta track ahead of the stable release.

As is the case with other beta builds, you'll want to be prepared for a little bit of instability and a few bugs along the way. But if you're willing to handle some of these issues, you will get access to the latest features that Twitter is testing before they hit the general public.

If you're interested in signing up for the beta testing group, you can do so from the source link below.

Source: Twitter Beta Test Group


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Twitter opens up Google Play beta testing for willing participants


Many may not agree. However the official Twitter app has come far it's really good now to the point where I don't use third party apps for twitter. The beta program sounds fun.

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Same here! I've been using the official app for a few months now and it's pretty great. I'm looking forward to testing the beta releases.

Yes, please give an EXACT way to join the group. The link you provide only leads to the GP store, where I can only open the twitter app that I already have.

Head to the source link at the bottom of the post, as we said, where you'll see step-by-step instructions of how to join.

Its as simple as clicking a link then clicking a giant blue button that says "BECOME A TESTER".

Would like to sign up, but not allowing me to request access in the Google +group

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To those having issues, view the page in desktop mode. Mobile version comes up with nothing. I agreed to beta test it but have yet to see the play store show a newer update version

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Same message in desktop mode, and on a PC. It seems you were one if the lucky ones picked.

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I am opted in to test the new version but never got the update in the play store. Oh well. And yes I used the proper email address

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Twitter needs to come out and say something or a news site or something about this invite only stuff. That's what's making me angry. If they closed it then ok but don't say it's open for everyone to try and then make it private.