Official Twitter client gets a Holo-style re-vamp

The official Twitter app for Android has been updated to version 4.0, and with it the UI has been significantly overhauled to be more in-keeping with the Android 4.x "Holo" design language. The visual changes are plain to see -- new icons, a cleaner layout and generally closer to the native Android look -- though the layout remains much the same. Like other official Twitter apps, you can now swipe left and right to jump between the four main tabs.

The new app also includes the ability to load tweeted content from other apps -- such as Foursquare -- directly in that app using a special link. On the whole, it's a significant step forward for the long-neglected official Twitter app.

Unfortunately for HTC One owners however, the Black Bar of Doom (on-screen menu key) on HTC devices is still present in this release. Worse still, it now does absolutely nothing but take up space. Oh well.

Grab the new version of Twitter from the Google Play link above, or hit the Google Play Store to update.


Reader comments

Twitter for Android updated with UI overhaul


I have a couple issues with this new update. For me, the text is just too thin now. It needs to be thicker than it is (I have a GS3, I don't know if it's the same for everyone). Also, needing to go all the way to the last tab just to access settings or change accounts instead of letting the menu button work like it did previously is just a waste of time.

Otherwise, I like it.

GS3 here and I agree that the text is real thin, similar to the texts that come pre-packaged with a Linux/GNU based OS.

Also, I don't dig the look too much, but I do like swiping between tabs now.

The performance seems excellent: scrolling up or down with no noticeable lag in the UI.

Will dig into the options and see if there is a way to change the anorexic text...

If you look into settings there is a way to make the text bigger. I bumped mine up to 16 pt and that helps a little. They still need to make a bold option if they are going to keep the text this thin.

Twitter can't figure out how to do any large format apps. Their tablet app on the iPad looks like a joke now, as does the Windows 8 app when viewed on a large 1080p+ display.

At first glance I don't hate the app on my N4, which is a huge leap from where it was, I'm going to give it a fair shake at use.

I don't expect Twitter to figure out tablets/large format devices any time soon however. They are inept there so I'll keep using plume on my Nexus 7.

This app is still horrible and severely lacking when there are apps like Plume out there. I won't even waste the time or the space to try it out after this update.

As someone who uses plume as my daily driver, I kinda disagree. this update does probably 80% of what plume does on a phone. the biggest differences are the plume theme/colour customization, ability to add/rearrange columns, and some of the advanced settings like which photo update service to use, which most people could care less about.

Again, I still do prefer plume, and I probably wont switch to the official app, but on a phone, it isn't as bad as it used to be.

EDIT: heck, the twitter app even has a few things that plume doesn't have, like push notifications and the "rich" mentions/interactions tab.

still crap compared to 3rd party ones.

Might be the real reason twitter locked down its api's because it knows it versions are compete and utter crap. If you can not win with design cheat.

Wow very nice from Twitter, they're developers have been top notch lately, I checked out the recently revamped wp app and its awesome, they use each element of each separate OS as it should be from any big company, not just ports :)

No reason here to switch from Tweetcaster. it is improved compared to the previous version though .A dark theme would be welcome.

Not impressed with the UI change but can live with it. Definitely not impressed with the font change. Fix the font.

New UI is nice but Profile setting will not load and font is insanely thin. Can't see me using this in preference to Plume and Carbon

i like original twitter app. i have also falcon pro. its also good but cant load pictures. kills itself when i try to send picture.

Twitter just needs to buy Plume or Falcon already.. If they're going to shut down development the least they could do is make their own app the best.

This update is disappointing, I use the Twitter app as my main app for Twitter but this is one step forward, three steps back, you can't access settings anymore, no more multiple accounts it seems, unless they issue a fix fast for this, I'll be breaking down and going to a different Twitter app

Settings is on the 'Me' tab. Look right underneath your number of tweets. Also, the icon to the right of the settings is for multiple accounts.

Gah! The menu button lives on, and now it doesn't even do anything anymore! When will big names like Facebook and Twitter make their apps current by ditching the menu button?

This is why I use Carbon and Hootsuite.