twitter for Android update

Late last night we noticed that Twitter for Android (the "official" Android Twitter app) was updated to 1.0.3 without a changelog. (Seriously? Changelogs should be mandatory in the Market listing, folks.) After some digging, I found a semi-explanatory post on Twitter (where else to best find Twitter client updates?) explaining that the new version was a patch for some bug fixes, and the client has been improved so that it now uses OAuth for signing in to Twitter.  And nothing earth-shattering or magical was seen.   Grab the update from the Market, if you don;t have Twitter for Android installed, you can grab it after the break.  [via Twitter]


Reader comments

Twitter for Android updated to 1.0.3


The new FB app for Android is much better than the old, stock one, but it still needs improvement. I'm happy with it.

As for Twitter, why can't I remove it from my Froyo install? I'd rather use Seesmic and not have both take up space. Grrr to forced app installs

Yeah, the new Facebook app is alright, but it still goes into the browser for certain things and it's rather slow when it comes to loading info and especially images in people's albums. They're only tiny thumbnails for crying out loud, how difficult could it be?

Does it not reside in /system partition? So many complaints on the market comments but if it's in /system it's NOT taking up room!!

I agree that the Facebook app needs work, but Twitter is surely no different. While the bug fixes are appreciated how about image previews, old style rt, remembering timeline position, auto refresh, etc? Twitter for Android looks great, but it lacks A LOT of core functions that should have been added in by now.

Seesmic seems to force close on every single launch since last night so I was forced to load this piece of shot instead.

Does anyone else have the issue that when first opening Twitter, it no longer shows you how many new tweets have come in since your last? It seems that the auto refresh is not working.