Tweetdeck for Android

We've already played around with an early leaked build of the Tweetdeck Twitter client for Android, but now the beta period is in full swing, and we can all get our Twitter/Facebook/Buzz/Foursquare thing on. You're going to have to register with Tweetdeck and wait for them to send you the app (took about 5 minutes for me), and then you can get your beta on. Tell 'em Android Central sent 'cha. [Tweetdeck]


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Tweetdeck for Android now in open beta


yaay. i use four different twitter and facebook clients.. im really hoping this will get rid of all those.
first :D

the large font is an instant dealbreaker for me as a Hero owner. maybe it looks better on the larger-screened phones, but I'm sticking with twicca for now.

I hate to say this, but I'm really, REALLY disappointed. You can't add columns, thus making this totally useless as a Twitter client.

You can add columns. Look at the support page on how....

hit your accounts button on the bottom (the square with a bunch of little squares) select your twitter one. Then scroll down to your lists. Select the one you want as a column. Then you'll see at the bottom of screen "make a column". You'll then see the dots in the upper right corner. These represent your columns. When they turn yellow they have been updated.

Ohhh, awesome! +1 for Tweetdeck Beta then. It still has a long way to go, but it looks really nice. Thanks.

It's definitely a beta. In fact the leaked version works a little better. The official beta is having a problem updating. The only column that updates is the 'home' column. The leak version updated all (5) columns I had running. automatically.

I'm sure updates will come quick. The support page has more than 60 questions/bug/suggestions and growing quickly.

I might revert back to the leak version! ;)

it's beta alright, but it's a good for a first beta. we have to remember that there will be bugs at first and i'm assuming it will be fixed soon. Besides for once a company makes the app for android and then gets it perfected, then it'll get updated to the iphone os system..

Has some real potential, that's for darned sure. Just needs a few more features (such as URL shortening) to be usable. The big font looks fine on my Evo... I even may prefer it that way. Until this is more polished, I'm staying with Tweetcaster, I guess.

I saw that you have to register on their site to get the beta and than saw you need that account to even use it. Whats the purpose of having to have another account? Perhaps storing your config for cross platform use?

I was thinking about checking it out, but I dont need another account. Twid works fine for me.

Has anyone figured out how to disable the notifications? I can't find anywhere to do that. I feel like I've looked everywhere and can't seem to figure it out.

Disregard. I see the Notification area. I was confused because it's in the "Manage Columns" menu so I was thinking that it was where you added or removed columns. My brain is done today. Sorry folks...move along...nothing to see here.

i cant get it to verify my twitter acct, and i cant click the done button either. using a samsung captivate and used the awm to side load.

nevermind, now its working. now to find how often it polls and notification sounds! LOL

I was using twidroid pro for a min.but I'm really liking the way this TD is runnin.nice and smooth app.I also use the desktop client.been a TD fan for a looong time.can't wait to see what the updates bring