The TV Show 1: Pilot

There's a television renaissance going on. At no other time have so many great shows been on at the same time. At no other time could we watch them in our living room and on our tablets and phones, on networks and over the internet. The TV Show talks about that renaissance in storytelling and technology, focusing on the week of programming that was. On our pilot episode that includes Arrow, Agents of SHIELD, 24, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, and Big Bang Theory for the week of May 5, 2014. Subscribe and listen along!





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The TV Show 1: Pilot


Oh excellent, I really like the idea of listening to this, been searching for a TV show focused podcast.

I'll just have to check and compare UK/US broadcasts each time for fear of spoilers :-D

Two good TV show focused podcasts that I enjoy.

- "Firewall & Iceberg" at (podcast with popular TV critic Alan Sepinwall)
- Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan

I'm going to add this one to my phone, too and hopefully make it a third.

-Dancing with the Stars
-Bringing yourself down with the Kar-douche-ians
-Real Housewives
-The Bachelor
etc. etc. etc.

Yeah, we've got a real television renaissance on our hands in America to proud of...

I'd rather watch a dumpster fire. At least it's eliminating the garbage instead of paying it to exist.

But the upside is that I now have irrefutable proof that I need never be worried about becoming obsolete. I'll still be more viable in senility than this generation following Jersey Shore! LOL

-Breaking bad
-Mad Men
-The walking dead
-Game of thrones
-The Americans
-True Detective
We really do have a television renaissance on our hands, and we should be proud.
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Or rather zombies and vampires (originals etc.) are fashionable so get made. Usually flogged to death too (Walking dead seems to be on its death spiral already).

Occasionally something good gets thrown up but it's more by accident than by design - which isn't new.. For every Star Trek there were 10 'Lost in Space'.

I'm not sure who the 'we' is who are proud? Are you a TV exec?

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Why so rude? He's right, we should be proud of these studios who are making us amazing TV shows. Just because you do not like them does not mean that millions of others don't as well. Just be supportive.

Stuff that is STILL on:
But you're right, Breaking Bad was awesome, so was Dexter.

and the Internet doesn't....

A couple of great shows you don't hear you much about are: "Chosen" & "The Cleaners". (Crackle exclusives)
"House of Cards" & "Orange is the new Black" (Netflix Exclusives)
And of course a few of my other favorites are:
Game Of Thrones
Big Bang Theory
The Blacklist
The Following
Downton Abbey

Game of Thrones
Walking Dead
Marvel Agents of Shield
Black Sails
True Detective
Adventure Time (my favorite)
Boardwalk Empire
Hell on Wheels
Modern Family
so so so so so many more