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Traveling is a large part of many families, and trying to keep in touch while on the go can be a bit difficult. Meet-Bob Ltd. is hoping that they will be able to put families back together even when they are apart with their latest announcement, the Bob. While the name is a bit odd, the device itself is an Android based HDMI stick that will plug into any television set allowing families to communicate, interact, share content and play via the television.

Each member of the family will create a log in for the stick, and this allows for a fully personalized experience each time you log in. Carrying the device with you is easy as it is just about the same size as a USB thumb drive, so just pack it up and get ready to play when you are at your destination.

Bringing families together regardless of the location of each member makes the Bob something that many will enjoy. Being able to watch movies or videos together, share content from across the country or playing a game with the kids while away will be a great selling point.

Unfortunately no information on pricing or availability has been announced yet, but being as everyone in the family will need one of these to participate we can imagine them to be on the affordable side. 

Source: Meet-Bob

Android-based TV stick converts any TV into a family communications center
Bob, the new family TV stick, provides families with intuitive and exciting interactive communications options

Yarkona, Israel – 7th January 2014: A unique Android-based TV stick aimed at enabling families to communicate, share content, interact and play via the TV – no matter where each individual may be located – is to be launched at CES, Las Vegas.

The new HDMI TV stick – called Bob and developed by Meet-Bob Ltd. – is designed to provide families with intuitive and exciting interactive communication options. It easily turns any TV into a content and communications center, enabling family members to watch TV shows, movies or videos  together; easily share favorite content and special moments with each other; keep-in-touch (using a web-cam)  and play games with one another – even if they are on different sides of the world.

The Bob stick can be easily carried anywhere, making any TV part of the family network.

Content providers, brands, retailers or any companies interested in extending their reach to the family living room, are provided with a refreshing new family-oriented product offering unique marketing opportunities. The Bob stick enables the efficient delivery of content (live channels, VOD and games), the promotion of products and services and micro-targeted campaigns directly to the family’s TV. Bob’s social nature and its unique interactive capabilities, allow it to target families in an entirely new way, strengthening brand loyalty, increasing viewer engagement and opening new revenue opportunities.

Moreover, with the Bob stick the user experience is fully personalized. Every family member has a personal login and is offered relevant features and content to fit their profile. For example, the children in the family will have access to specific VOD, live channels, games, apps, websites and educational books that have been authorized by their parents. They will have limited TV viewing time and can communicate only with other family members. While the grandparents will have the ability to access different content that is relevant for them,  ask for family help, links to their shopping sites, options for sharing content with other family members, etc. Bob enables each content provider, brand or  retailer to define different user profiles at home and their usage scenarios.

“Technology was supposed to get us closer; it has opened the boundaries and has become a commodity enabling us to communicate easily with anyone, anywhere,” said Sigalit Klimovsky, CEO of Meet-Bob Ltd. “But while we connect more with a bigger group of people, we interact and communicate less with the people we care about… our family. We believe technology can do more for us and bring the people we love closer together and that’s what Bob is designed to do,” she added.

About Meet-Bob Ltd.
Cellular phones and social networks enable us to communicate easily with anyone around the world, yet they reduce the personal human interactions. Aimed at bringing families back together, Bob provides them with exciting interactive communication options. This Android-based HDMI TV stick turns any TV into part of the family network.

Bob creates an exciting opportunity for brands, content providers and retailers interested in entering the TV market with a refreshing family-oriented product. With Bob, dedicated TV content can be distributed to any TV. Its social nature and interactive capabilities allow strengthening brand loyalty, increasing viewer engagement and maximizing revenue opportunities.


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Turn your TV into a communications center with this Android based adapter


No, not fast enough! I want my flying car that folds into a briefcase!

I'll pass on the treadmill mounted hundreds of feet off the ground though.

You missed the part of the announcement that says:

"The Bob stick enables the efficient delivery of content (live channels, VOD and games), the promotion of products and services and micro-targeted campaigns directly to the family’s TV."

Maybe because Jared conveniently forgot to mention it.

Let me see, do I want to buy a product that's principal purpose is to send me targeted ads?

Do I want to try to use this in a hotel while traveling, only to find there is not enough bandwidth for anything but the ads?

Come on Jared. At least ask some pointed questions while you are serving as these guys mouth piece.

Hotel wifi sucks, slowest ever, worse than 3g speeds. It took me twenty minutes at a hotel in Chicago to use my laptop to access the toll road site to pay a fine/ toll I missed from their wifi.

Oops, not REMOTELY new or unique. I count 166 variations on this available for sale right now from (no connection). has a good rundown on the top contenders. All Bob has done is to repackage what is essentially a Measy U2C.

I think it sounds like it could be a bit lame. For multiple non-tech users it might be OK. But it sounds like it uses a bunch of proprietary communications stuff (like not Email, not IM, not Skype, etc) that a member of the family who is techy will not want to use.

Am I the only one who looks askance at tech-tease companies that show some prototype at CES but haven't figured out if/when they will be able to manufacture it, nor a general price range. C'mon. These are supposedly grownup companies with less vision/planning than we have come to expect from a kickstarter project.

It'd fail as a kickstarter as it's not remotely original. There are dozens of devices that do this.

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MS Bob was just insulting, even to 12 year olds.

This is just another advertising delivery platform.

This was tried several years ago and every copyright cockroach from Hollywood and the Jew York TV Studios sued claiming displaying media on top of their broadcast was a copyright violation as it altered or obfuscated their broadcast.

This is amazing tech and I for one have big ideas about using a device and service like this but I know its already been tried in the digital signage business and the copyright cockroaches killed it off.

"Carrying the device with you is easy as it is just about the same size as a USB thumb drive, so just pack it up and get ready to play when you are at your destination"

Great! So... how do you interact with it then?