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Google's new World Wide Maze Chrome Experiment shows you the web like never before

Got a computer and an Android device? If so, you're fully equipped to have a bit of fun with Google's latest Chrome Experiment — the World Wide Maze. Google's Chrome team is celebrating their fifth birthday, and nobody knows how to have fun quite like Google. Want to have a go at it?

Get Chrome installed on your phone (use the link above), then fire up the Chrome browser on your computer and click this link.

Once there, follow the instructions and you can whittle away the hours rolling your marble through a 3D "conversion" of any website into a maze. Protip: is hard.

You'll have shades of Teeter (remember Teeter?) but you'll have a lot of fun.

Source: +Sundar Pichai

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return_0 says:

Umm... I was using this several months ago.

MUFColin says:

This is a more official version I think, and wasn't the old version not in English? I forget exactly

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No, its been official and in English for a while now...

etnpnys says:

That's what I was thinking.

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D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

This looks like fun...

chowdog13 says:

Cool, can't wait to play!

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Dear AC,

Welcome to two months ago.

alexnaoumi says:

i was so surprised this worked on my iphone...not well, but it works! its a pretty cool concept, definitely great to play around with while in class. knowing how great google is with all of their products and services, Maze will only get better

mdmitchell13 says:

Will likely be really great and have many followers then it will be shut down

Pervbear says:

Still upset about Google wave? Its been almost 2 years, move on.

smooth4lyfe says:

Arrrgh I cant get my phone to control the ball! I can connect and see the map on my phone, but I cant use my phone to move the ball...I have screen rotation off...anyone else having this problem?

swiedom says:

I'm having this problem as well on my GS4. Maybe a setting we don't have enabled?

le0le0n says:


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Arizone says:

Yes, this is old news. It works in a number of browsers at varying levels of functionality, not just Chrome. I even managed to conduct the 3D part on my phone (poorly), rather than on the desktop.

MasterElwood says:

I am having a massive deja vu right now...

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dragonfyre says:

Umm... there's nothing "latest" about this. You posted this same thing (to the same web site - I know, I have the bookmark as well) back in March. Here -->

You might post/mention what's new or different about it if there are any changes...