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One of the most popular radio apps on Android, TuneIn Radio Pro, has been updated with a proper holo design. Since the release of Ice Cream Sandwich, Google has been engaged in getting developers on board with a design language that helps unify the user experience across apps. This "holo" design has been implemented in many of Google's own apps, and now many headline developers have implemented it as well.

Bits of polish show in a swipe across stations to choose available streaming qualities, pull to refresh and a proper blue / white / gray design. Beyond just looking better, the design change in TuneIn Radio Pro offers better usability. Swiping between UI panes feels more natural, and gives users access to "related", "twitter", "favorites", "options" and "recent" right from the main "now playing" screen.

We've got a few side-by-side comparison screenshots of the old (left) and new (right) design after the break. If you like what you see, you can buy the Pro version of the app at the Google Play Store link above for 99 cents.

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Reader comments

TuneIn Radio Pro updated with holo design


hmmm I think I liked the previous look better. Also, swipe to choose the stream quality was already implemented before this update. Maybe you were just commenting that the swipe animation is a it smoother.

This is kind of similar to why I choose HTC phones over Nexus. Android's look is becoming more sleek, but I don't love all their design choices. Many times it's just too plain. Let's let the developers have some say in the design. Now a good app has become more vanilla.

the only think that changes is the tab in the app. the reason why i chose nexus is this because they are making design consistent.

Have you looked at it closely? The tab is different, all the icons for "Favorites" "Recent" etc are different, slightly but redesigned. The font in the entire app is different. The slider for skipping through is redesigned and even the record button is different. It's a big change overall, lots of little changes put together.

I'm sure I'll get used to it. I just miss some of the personality that was in the app.

They could always choose the DeviceDefault theme to make the app look like your HTC, if they are using the built-in theming options.
Of course now they're not, so...

Mine looks the same after updating. Is it version 6.4? I noticed I have it on Amazon and Play. Not sure how that happened.

I have a Christian radio station on Tune In. And this update seems to break the swipe left and right on the maain page. I used to be able to swipe from the Browse tab to the Favorites and Recording tabs.

Great app BUT!!!! Switch on and now greeted with Browse not Favorite! Press Favorite then press the station and ooohhh ffs its picked a crap quality low bit rate stream again not the one I always select so its off to option's, scroll down, hit select stream, select stream and then hit the station again at the bottom to go back to the playing screen. Far too many presses which is not only inconvenient but dangerous if driving!

Needs sorting out, its been like this for years and is going backwards not forwards!