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TuneIn Radio Pro, the paid version of the popular music service that removes adds and introduces even more features, has raised its price today from $3.99 up to $9.99 without explanation. It's of course completely acceptable for developers to raise prices of their app if they feel as though it's worth that much, but from a company as big as TuneIn Radio you almost expect some sort of announcement to come with such a price jump.

The app's price has also been raised on the iOS App Store and Amazon Appstore.

Does the $9.99 price turn you away now? Or is it still worth it to you for the added features and lack of adds in the Pro version?


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TuneIn Radio Pro price jumps from $3.99 to $9.99


i paid $2.99 in June 2010. it was the third Android App i ever bought behind Documents To Go and My Backup Pro. i would've paid $9.99 back then because it was so unique, revolutionary, and powerful at the time - Live Radio on your smartphone! today? nope. uninstalled a couple of years ago. Pandora and Bloomberg Radio and other station-specific Apps have made TuneIn unnecessary for me. and the sound quality is not that great. i don't know WTF they're thinking charging $9.99.

For me, it's the reverse. I don't want dozens of station-specific apps when TuneIn does what I want so well. The radio companies who insist on exclusivity (Clear Channel, Cumulus, even Townsquare) will not be given space on my device. It's as simple as that.

agreed one App is always prefered over many (i only need 2 - Pandora and Bloomberg) if it does the job but IMO TuneIn sound quality is poor. almost unlistenable when compared.

If they raised the price on IOS and GooglePlay and "not" Amazon, that means the Amazon Appstore version won't be getting the future updates.

Remember: TuneIn Pro was one of the free apps awhile back.

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one of the greatest apps I use everyday. WTF has their own radio channel on it now too. Think I got it in 2010 as part of Google's Android Market app appreciation week deals, for .10 or .25.

+1 for all in on place and you can't really blame tunedin for sound quality when a lot of it is due to the broadcaster reducing the quality of the stream

not all stations do it, its their choice. i play on internet radio & the same bitrate is used on TuneIn & on Shoutcast for example

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Pandora and Bloomberg Radio aren't available in my country, so I'll have to stay with TuneIn, which currently works well for me.

Bought it a while ago, so I'm not affected by the price hike.

Ditto. Stopped using tune in years ago! Premium price, for sub par stations. Ouch! No thanks

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I got it in the 10c Android Market sale to celebrate 10,000,000 android activations. I also stopped using it years ago, tried it again after the ui refresh, but it was completely unusable.

Guess it was a good investment since it's a hundred times more expensive now, but it's totally not worth that amount.

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Also gone of their user interface as I think its horrible now. All the white wasted space. It takes longer to find stations any be spontaneous about trying different music genres or stations.

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Agreed, I dumped it after the last update ruined it. I wish I had the previous apk to roll back the update. No way would I pay $9.99 today for this. They're nuts.

...Joe K.

Got it free from Amazon years ago, think I got it from Google Play during 10 cent sale. Still use it to hear local radio stations when no longer in range for them. Unfortunately cbs and clear channel blocked access to their stuff.

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Clear Channel I think signed a deal with iheartradio. While I am not a fan of it, the only stations near me are owned by Clear Channel and I can pick them up on ihr. I am not a fan of it, though I do use it daily. Loses your account info every update. Settings are hit and miss for saving them etc. Not a good app that you have to setup after every update. Especially one that would be commonly used in a car.

Ironic that this comes after their fuggly UI update. In my opinion the app was worth more money a couple of months ago than it is now...

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So much this. It's a piece of trash now and I'm glad I never updated it. Unfortunately I'll have to get a new device eventually and end up with the newer crappier version (unless I find an apk to the version I have now). It is definitely NOT worth 10 bucks now or ever.

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I use EaseBackup (by Mofancier). I have it configured to automatically backup ".APK"s immediately after installing but I think that requires root and maybe the Pro key

The app EVERYBODY mentions (nearly to the level of equating IRC to mIRC or FTP to WSFTP) is Titanium Backup Pro.

Just search your favorite app store for "backup".

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Wow... I too got it a long while back for super cheap. Hardly ever use it, but it's nice when I want to listen to "something different"

Agreed. I remember a banking app on blackberry that I couldn't live without... $30. Didn't complain once. I don't even use the free version of tunein, why would I buy it? I prefer Nobex.

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I'm a systems developer, not a mobile developer. At first, I think the industry needed cheap/free apps to drive smartphone sales. If people knew they would have to pay more than $.99 for most apps, I don't think smartphone adoption would have happened as fast.
However, I think it is hurting developers. People are now used to cheap or free software that is mostly crap. They see Flappy Bird apps that are built over a weekend and think all SW can be built that quickly and cheaply. Some of us are _really_ good at what we do and we pride ourselves on quality. This doesn't happen in a weekend. What I'd like to see is for developers who _do_ build nice quality apps to start pricing them accordingly.

Edit: I'm not trying to say that TuneIn Pro is a high quality app that justifies a $9.99 price. I just kinda went on a tangential rant.

I feel the same way you guys do. I bought the pro version awhile back as well and glad I did before the price went up on the app.

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I am glad I got it free from Amazon years ago. Today it is not worth the new price when there several apps that can get it done at a much cheaper price. This is not the gold standard for radio apps. But they want to charge like it is.

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May be they want people to use the free version and probably make more money via ads?

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I still like it for the local channels that are available on it (iHeart sucks because it does nothing but buffer but a couple of local stations are locked into iHeart) and I don't seem to have much trouble navigating through TuneIn. But TuneIn, iHeart and Sirius are the only ones I use. Can't stand Pandora or Spotify or any of those because when I search for a group name, all I ever get are song titles with the name in the title. I gave up on those a long time ago.

This is a great app and I'm glad I got the pro version for free several years ago, but I'm not sure it's worth $10

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Free Via Amazon a couple of years ago.
I use it, iHeart and SiriusXM.
I have a lifetime subscription to SiriusXM in a car so I use the app to stream in the other cars for $3 a month.
Now the $3 a month to stream Sirius is worth it!

Another free AOTD person here. I've actually never used the app. Maybe I'll check it out now.

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I think the difference here is though this is just a 1 off payment where as google play music is a monthly payment. Not exactly the same thing. If play music was one off payment of $10 I think the likes of Spotify etc would be gone.

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Its a good thing I got the Pro version for free from amazon like two yrs ago... It was the free app of the day..lol

I think I got this while on sale, I think if you would use it regularly than one can argue that even a yearly subscription of that price is worth it. Lol its easy to say when you got it on sale I guess. From a Dev side I guess selling apps for super cheap just isn't sustainable for some. Guess that's what happens when people get use to free or 99p apps that sometimes the true value of apps isn't seen. Some people don't think twice to spend a couple of quids on alcohol or coffee which is a 1 time stuff but struggles to spend the same on a app that would get multiple use and will carry on over to every device you have now and in the future. I too was one of those people but now if I know I will use the app I have no problem buying it for a few quid.

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9.99?!? Not happening here . I paid the 2.99 last year and the app seemed to get worse. Can't count the number of times I saw " stream couldn't be found" on stations that were streaming fine one minute and not working at all the next.

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I wonder if they're about to be purchased by someone and they're hiking the price up to get as much money as they can before the sale?

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Now that they increased the price, they can offer discount specials for those who are enticed by discount offerings.

Moreover, the free app has been included with many carrier's bloat where TuneIn is probably perfectly happy with the ad revenue. The new ad free price is likely an offset to ad revenue.

Bought mines for .99 cents back when google had a huge sales because of 10 billion downloads or something like that.

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Glad I bought this product when Google was having its .49 cent sale I think 10 dollars is very steep for tune in radio.

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I'd pay $10 for it if I didn't already own it. The vast majority of apps made by the content owners to play their radio stations are complete garbage. The new UI for tunein isn't awesome but still miles better than what I'd get if I'd use the app from the radio stations I use tunein for.

Gotta pay for what? To remove the 30 second Home Depot ad that plays on the first start up? Nahh I'm cool with that guy....soothing voice in the AM.

let me check my 'my paid apps' app.. yup, bought this thing way back when it was on sale for 25cents.

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If tune in would let me save just streaming radio to memory card then maybe 4.99 would be ok....

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I bought it some time ago to suit a particular need, but in the last few releases the performance of the app has become terrible and I've stopped using it.

I wouldn't expect any kind of communication or explanation from them. When they added crazy permissions to the app recently they didn't say why and didn't respond to questions about what was going on. It used to be a good app, now I wouldn't pay one cent for it. It seems like they are intentionally sabotaging it.

I really enjoy the app, don't use the recording feature as much as I probably should. Got it onvsale long ago, like the new UI and social features, but know I wouldn't pay almost $10 for it now. I'm still trying to justify what I pay for Google All Acess.

Glad I got it for a quarter when it was on sale. I wouldn't buy it otherwise don't find myself using it except for sports and comedy.

"removes adds"? You mean "ads"? The reason this app on Amazon is less, is because Amazon apps aren't good with updates! For this price increase, they better add skins etc etc...

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They are testing the waters for higher priced apps.

Buena Surerte! People still pause and agonize over .99 app purchases...

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I bought it a while back, but I find its way too buggy. I use xiialive now, its a lot more stable and streams don't drop out when I'm driving.

They'd better fix their buffering issues before charging at all. As it stands now, the app is almost completely useless. I got it for local audio feeds of the NFL and podcasts but there are much better alternatives that actually work now. FAIL

Armadillo, the other white meat.

I've been using TuneIn radio for years and it's great. I love being able to get all my local stations, and generally use it for local sports talk radio.

Its not even worth $3.99 in my opinion. $9.99 is beyond excessive and someone needs to remind the developer to come back down to earth

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Strange one, obviously they are not looking to increase sales of the pro version, can't believe that many people will pay that much unless it forms a central part of their musical interests. Even then it's probable that most fans have already bought the app, or are happy with the free version.

I've already got the pro version so it doesn't affect me. TBH I don't use it much anymore since I had a lot of buffering issues on my S3. Even now that I've moved to an S5, I find the BBC radio app much faster for listening to sports stuff, it connects quickly and doesn't drop out often. Tunein is still unstable even over 4G (even in areas where youtube/sky sports high-bit rate video is flawless).

I use TuneIn everyday and would pay that much, especially if it really does eliminate the ads (I have heard the same Home Depot ad at least a hundred times). I regularly listen to stations from all over the world, as well as nearby stations with otherwise weak signals. That said, I tend to use it more on my tablet than my phone, but I do occasionally use it on the phone as well. It is the first app that I download whenever I get a new phone or tablet. I also use Pandora, but they are different animals.

There are so many ways to get music for me paying for it is just either lazy or dumb. This app isn't worth 1.99 let alone 9.99.

I used TuneIn Radio Pro for several years and liked it, but it had been getting rather bloated and buggy. When they went to the new UI, I had enough of it, and switched to XiiaLive Pro. I have to say, I've been much happier with XiiaLive: the interface is much cleaner, Bluetooth controls switch between favorite stations, has stations not available on TuneIn (such as iHeart, ClearChannel stations), jump spots in the seekbar (go directly to beginning of songs). I wouldn't pay for TuneIn any more, but I totally recommend XiiaLive; if you haven't tried, it's well worth a look.

I think that I paid $2.99 for the app when I got it back in 2011. There have been times that this app has been a life saver for me and if I had to buy it for $9.99 now, that would be no problem for me. The choice of stations that I get with TuneIn is vast for me. A few weeks ago, the cable went out right before a NASCAR Sprint Cup race was supposed to be coming on. MRN is one of the stations that's on TuneIn and I was able to keep up with race updates on it until the cable came back on. I can also get my favorite local stations on this app and that's not always true with the other apps that are out there now. And before you say anything, I do not live in a large metropolitan area. I live in Vincennes, IN, a small town right smack dab in between Terre Haute and Evansville. This app is very useful when I'm in a pinch and don't have an actual radio nearby.

Can't you just download a ''cracked' version of this? I'm using the free version and I don't see the need to upgrade/buy.

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