Tune in Radio

TuneIn Radio is the second app to add Android Wear support today, following behind WhatsApp, and joining a growing list of Android apps that now support the wearable platform. We're not surprised after seeing the rapid pace that developers have been updating apps for Android Wear support.

The changelog:

  • See all Echoes on a station, program or show, and join in the conversation with new Echo functionality
  • Various bug fixes and UI improvements
  • Google Wear Integration

We're seeing the same changes on the free version as well as the paid version, so it's not part of the reason the price saw a huge bump recently. If you're using Android Wear, give this one a spin. Install it from the Google Play link up top.


Reader comments

TuneIn Radio adds Android Wear support, fixes a few interface bugs


No you don't. I hate the redesign with passion but you don't have to sign to use it.
The new design looks too much like iOS (the colors, font, background colors, animation when you Exit it). Poorly done.

I have complained to the developer about this. I have refused the latest "updates" that let the app look at my phone book. I have strongly considered removing it, but I haven't found a truly comparable app.

Posted from my XT1080M

yeah I have been looking for a decent replacement too but have not been able to find such. i just REALLY dislike incorporating social media into listening to the radio, I just do get it...

I wish Google would just add the "Radio" feature to Google Music. All I want is to listen to any streaming radio (categorized like on TuneIn) and record shows. Shouldn't be a rocket science. Podcast support would be nice too but not a must.



(I paid .10 for it, so I don't care, but it is curiously interesting how the price flipped out recently, and we need to know why)

Brosted via Android Central App

It's simple. The devs thought they should charge more because they are sinking a lot of time into further development.

Unfortunately, they fail to understand that app quality is not proportional to development time.

Posted via Android Central App

Actually it is kind of proportionate. Don't expect to put 7 days of coding to an app and be equally good or better with a similar app that the devs have put more than 4 months of hard work.

Seriously their UI design must be the worst in any app that I personally use. I think that their best bet may be to switch it all over to the new Material design theme and work backwards to support older devices, overall the UI would look much better, especially if they utilize the new cards system (and maybe utilize elevation for better shadow support in Android-L)

I am a huge radio fan and this has been my favorite app for a long time. But they are trying everything that they can to lose me. I don't need social integration, I just want to listen to some radio stations. And my friends don't need to know what I listen to, in fact they frankly don't give a damn. It is still my favorite app, for now, but if I can find a good alternate app for listening to my radio stations, I will be gone in a heartbeat.

They pretty much have the best app but if another app let me listen to my 2-3 stations on the same ambrella I'll be gone.
What retarded about TuneIn:
- notification gone when another app plays audio
- LivioBluetoothService always running in the bg. Who knows what that crap does??? At least if it was running only when the app runs I wouldn't care...
- Exit menu - if you don't use it to exit tunein it keeps running in the bg. Why is there an exit menu in the first place?
- too many permissions requested

So come on wake up tunein fix the basic stuff before anything else! Google Music works well, Sound Clund too and I'm sure many other audio driven apps works better that this 10$ app!! TEN BUCKS DAMMIT!!!