Tripit for Android

Tripit easily is our favorite app for frequent travelers, and it's just gotten an pretty significant update for tablets as well as phones.

On the larger screens, there's a new layout that includes interactive maps and multiscreen views. Trips and points accounts all share space on the main screen. There also are larger (and scrollable!) widgets available if you're running Android 3.0 and up.

On the phone side, the points accounts section has been redesigned -- your account details, status and activity all have their own collapsible sections -- and the app refreshes faster while using less data.

All in all, a good update to an indispensable application for frequent travelers. We've got download links after the break if you need 'em.


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Tripit gets significant redesign for Android tablets, phone version tweaked, too

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I really like this app but I'm now waiting for Amazon to get this version on the appstore (I have the ad free version, which they offered for free some time ago).