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Ki11ak3nn in our Moto X forums writes,

I'm pretty sure this device will fly off the shelves when Moto Maker is offered to the other carriers. I'm just curious though about all the people who get a black or white Moto X before Moto Maker is available.

Do you think Motorola/The Carriers will give like a discount or trade-in program for people who bought a black or white X at launch and now want a custom X??

I can't wait to check out this phone and if I like it I'm probably going to get a black one because I don't think my GNex will make it until the exclusive with AT&T is over.

So I was wondering if you think Motorola would let me trade-in my black X for a custom one?? Maybe pay a small fee, like $50 or something, totally fine with me. I'm thinking it's not gonna happen though.

It's a nice idea. Actually, it's a great idea. That could help create a cheaper, "refurbished" market. But these are the U.S. carriers we're talking about, where nice ideas that could actually help us as paying customers tend to die. 

So, you've got two options: Patience — difficult, we completely understand — or hope you can get a good resale price on your black or white Moto X


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Trade in a stock Moto X for a custom job? A nice idea, but unlikely


Yeah VZW has a trade in program just like all carriers, it's a scam and your better to sell on swapa or eBay. You'll get more.

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More likely VZW will give you $50 for your phone and then you pay FULL PRICE for your custom phone, and maybe they throw in a car charger for free.

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I have the perfect solution for this. Well almost perfect... Buy the phone at Costco when it comes out and since Costco has a 90 day return policy, you can just return it when moto maker is available later this year. This will work perfectly as long as Moto Maker does in fact come by the end of the year for everyone else.

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That's only if Costco lets us buy from the Moto site, which they probably won't.
What they have in-store, at their kiosk, is what they sell.
I hope that's not the case, because i like buying from them.

This wouldn't work. Motomaker is a Moto exclusive. And Costco has the industry standard 14 day remorse period on your upgrade/new.

I think I'll be smart and get the plain black and put a protective case on it for WHEN I drop it.

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just finished reading a story over at Gizmag about Moto X Maker. "You may be also able to order the Moto X from other carriers that don't have Moto Maker stations in-store in the beginning, though. In that case, Motorola says it'll basically sell you a card with a scratch-off code that you can use to access Moto Maker online from home and design your phone on the carrier that you bought the code from."

That's been known from the start. All it's saying is that if a carrier offering the MotoMaker option does not have a design station in store, customers will get a redemption card in order to design at home.

AT&T still has the exclusivity period for phones designed in store or at home.

As much as I would like to support the "assembled in the USA" part, this exclusivity crap is going to make me vote with my wallet. Mainly going to get the HTC One.

The best part Moto X had going for it was the customizable colors, which promptly got neutered with the at&t deal.
Will this effect the sales of the phone? Probably not.

At least at&t is trying to please their consumers, Verizon gave up a long time ago!
The moment Verizon takes away my grandfathered unlimited data plan is the moment I leave them.

Granted it might not be Verizon's fault in case of the Moto X, but they have been consistently late with other flagship phones, skipping some phones altogether.

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Did you notice that 75% of the article is a quote from a forum post not written by AC?

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Cool beans I'm mentioned in an AC article!! Thanks Phil. I was just thinking that would be cool if Moto did something like that. It just looks like they won't see very many sales until Moto Maker is on the other carriers. There are too many "better" options for phones going on right now. I might wait. Or get another phone then sell it and buy the X at full retail.

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Motorola failed big time by allowing one carrier to have an exclusive on the moto maker feature. This will only serve to piss off customers who want a custom phone but are not on AT&T. Carrier exclusives are such a bullshit thing in the US. They don't do them overseas and they OEM's really shouldn't do them here.

I totally agree with you. Exclusives do suck big time. The manufacturers must know about how much money they're loosing when they do exclusives. I thought that's what they cared about is money....because it doesn't seem like they care about customers very much.

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What I'm more worried is from what I've read the 32gb is exclusive to AT&T also, I can deal with white/black but 16gb without an sd card doesn't do to well for me.

I wonder if insurance companies like Asurion will replace a custom moto x with a custom moto x or simply offer the black or white one?