Happy New Year!

So here we are, in the final hours of 2011. (And to those of you who have crossed the threshold already, happy new year!) It was certainly the busiest 365 days of Android we've seen yet -- and we're willing to bet 2012 gets even crazier.

Here's a look at the top 10 news stories (as in not device reviews) on Android Central for 2011, as ranked by pageviews. Of course, that means older stories have a leg up -- and, interestingly enough, the most-read story of the year was actually from 2010. (And one other from December 2010 snuck in, too.) And the winner was a post by Jared DiPane explaining the best way to move from BlackBerry to Android. We thought about tossing it from the list. But it also makes sense. When you're activating nearly three-quarters of a million Android devices daily, another platform will suffer. And that it's BlackBerry is no real surprise.

We can't thank you all enough for your support in 2011, and we can't wait to get 2012 started with you. From all of us here, thanks, and have a safe one. And now, the top Android news stories of 2011, as ranked by pageviews.

  1. Jumping from BlackBerry to Android? Here's what you need to know!
  2. A slew of popular apps are now 10 cents in the Android Market
  3. Verizon changing its upgrade policy; you'll have 20 months before you can get a new phone
  4. Flashable Honeycomb ZIP for the Nook Color now available
  5. Will my Phone get Ice Cream Sandwich? Our predictions
  6. Verizon's new data plans broken down in complete detail
  7. Will my phone get Gingerbread? Our predictions
  8. First Nexus Prime photo leak shows buttonless device with 720p display
  9. RAM: What it is, how it's used -- and why you shouldn't care
  10. How to manually update your T-Mobile Nexus S to Ice Cream Sandwich

Reader comments

The top Android news of 2011


Indeed 2011 has been a wonderful year for Android. There have been so many improvements to this universe!
BTW 2012 has just arrived not long ago here in Hong Kong :D

That is a strange list of "top 10" news stories. Drinking early, Phil? How to manually update the tmobile Nexus S is a top story of the year? How RAM is used? Will my phone get Gingerbread? Ugggh is this the best you.could come up with.for top.stories of the year? WoW! By the way, will my Galaxy Nexus get Gingerbread? :-/

If any of you read what he said, it's the top stories *based on page views*. That means YOU ALL read these articles more than any others, thus making them the "top stories" of 2011. It's not like Phil or AC picked them by hand. Sheesh.


Not a very good way to compile a top stories of the year list. He admits some should've been tossed, and older ones have a leg up. Maybe if you only counted page views in just the week, or two after published. But, when a story has had a year more presense than ones recently published, there's not any consistency. Wait, look.where I am : )

Spoken from one who thinks the world revolves around only the US.

New Year is past Phil, 1.05 hrs ago.

Everything is always in the States,and only about the States.

Guys need to wake up a little.

Had to Laugh at #7, will my phone get Gingerbread. My wifes Droid Incredible, and many other Dinc's including a coworkers had such a botched upgrade, at the end of the year mind you, that this was far from your prediction. This upgrade pissed me off so bad, I ended up nuking it and loading CM7 on it just to get away from Verizon's piss-poor upgrades that didn't, spawned memory errors, etc.