S Voice

Samsung went to the trouble to make its own voice-recognition app — here's how to use it

S Voice is the bundled voice command application that comes with the Galaxy S5 and other Samsung devices which allows you to take all sorts of actions without having to fiddle with your phone. These five tips will get you up and running with S Voice in no time.

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NYRbeezer says:

I shut it off.

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Why? Too complicated for you? And don't say it doesn't work, it does - if you can't get it going, you're doing it wrong.

rgao007 says:

This is assuming people use S Voice

Psst...nobody does except Richard Yarrell

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s_special says:

Who the hell uses s voice?

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bhatech says:

Tip should be to not use that crap over google. Samsung stop making software you suck compared to Apple, google and Microsoft.

Litlprince2 says:

Before the comments get too negative there is one major plus for S voice over google now and thats the ability to set a custom wake command. It doesnt work all the time but its a feature missing from Google now.. I personally hate the "ok google" phrase and hope they give us options in the future if not the full capability to make our own.

zr2s10 says:

It doesn't matter if you can set your own command, S-Voice probably won't recognize it anyway. Maybe it's a little better on the S5, but on my S3 it's almost completely unusable.
Me: "Call Kim"
S-Voice: "Would you like to call 'Kimberly Ann' or 'Kim R'?"
Me: "Kimberly Ann"
S-Voice: "Calling, 'Ron's Cell'"
Me: "F#CK you, I said Kimberly Ann! End Call !"
Google Now just does what I tell it to, like a good little assistant. But I don't mess with voice activation, it's not that distracting to press one button while driving.

thatguy97 says:

I actually use a voice on my s5 to call people and that's it

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Dizfunctions says:

How to use S-Voice:
1) Turn it off.

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bez54 says:


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Pedro2NR says:

Replaced mine with Google Now

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deuceja says:

I've use it from time to time on my note 3 I had it off until I found myself have to search and enter quite a few things at the dam he time, it's quite convenient in my opinion

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Forget S voice, try using Google hotword, it's far better.

wilderthing says:


1- don't use s voice
2- disable s voice
3- enable Google now and " OK Google" everywhere
4- program your info (sports teams, etc) in Google now
5- enjoy a faster phone and home button, and a better voice experience.

Seriously, I love my s5 but what was Samsung thinking with some of there bundled apps? Most of them are half baked or ads or bloat.... I have disabled almost everything Samsung I can with out root. Some Samsung features are good, even some great, but allot are garbage.

NoNexus says:


S-Voice needs to go away compared to Google Now.

It isn't even that it was good to start with, it always sucked. This should be the next thing that Samsung "retires"

zr2s10 says:

This is exactly why Samsung is out of their minds if they think people will buy a smartphone with their own OS on it. If they switch over to Tizen, like I keep hearing, they will fail miserably if it's anything like their apps.

NoNexus says:

They are not going to SWITCH. They are going to use Tizen for low end, developing countries.

Samsung is not dropping Android...

gravage says:

At first, when I saw this article, I thought it was April 1st.

neonworm says:

I just disable it.

ProfMike says:

I have no use for an App with which I still need to watch the screen and be ready to press a "Cancel" button on because it doesn't recognize what I said and calls someone else or can't send a text message with words even close to what I clearly spoke. And no, my last name is not Kripke.

SlappyMcgee says:

Simon - Thank you for the article, it was informative, but I do not use S Voice. I have it disabled and just use the Googe Now voice commands on my S3 :)

jdawgnoonan says:

S Voice: The smart phone world's worst "Me Too" app. I turn it off so I can use the desirable system, Google Voice Typing. S Voice (or SSiri is more like it) is a good example of Samsung's lousy and completely unnecessary copy cat software cruft. Basically it is bloatware that makes it harder to use Google's superior solution.

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striders says:

I need a trick to remap the Home button double click from S-Voice to Google Now.

DrLouie says:

That would be handy.

Jamookie says:

I be leave you can with xsposed framework. Swype used the same PoS voice recognition (vlingo/dragon/nuance being bought by samsung), and since nuance owns Swype, they hard codded it into the keyboard and won't let you use Google's. If you have xsposed framework, there is a module to replace dragon with Google.

striders says:

There is a module to replace S-Voice with Google Now, but for voice activation. So you can say "Hi Galaxy" and it'll bring up Google Now instead of S-Crap. However, I want home button double click, not voice activation.

The module on Swype is only on the soft keyboard, not the hard-wired home button key. Wanam Xposed module USED to be able to do this on 4.3, but NOT on 4.4.x. I haven't seen any other Xposed module that can do this.

Wow, it appears that Android users are as pretentious and full of BS as Apple users. Nice comments.

I don't know what everyone is bitching about (even though I'm certain that if one person bitches, others chime it just to get their attention and happiness for the day), S Voice works great for me.