Ting data pricing

Heavy data users benefit from lower flat rates and per-megabyte charges

Ting, an MVNO on the Sprint network, is celebrating two years in business as a carrier today by dropping its data, message and minute pricing across the board for all customers. The basic idea behind Ting since the beginning has been "pay for what you use" — rather than set structured plans — with your bill each month simply reflecting what you actually used in that 30-day period. Those prices are simply going down today.

As the chart above shows, folks using 101 to 500MB of data in a month will pay $1 less, 501MB to 1GB $5 less and 1GB to 2GB a whopping $13 less every month for that usage. Minute and message allotments have increased at the XL level as well, with $35 now giving you 2100 minutes in a month and $11 offering 4800 messages.

These plan changes are focused on making data more affordable at the higher levels, and a big part of that is killing off the XXL level completely, paired with a reduction in per-megabyte usage costs. Any amount of data over 2GB used in a month will simply be billed at 1.5 cents per MB — or $15 per GB — with no strings attached.

The new plans are instantly available for new customers and current customers alike, and you won't have to do anything to switch over to the new, lower rates. Hit the source link below to use Ting's usage calculator and see how much you'd save on the new plans.

Source: Ting; Ting Rates


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Ting permanently drops data prices to celebrate two years in business


Guessing Sprints new super low priced Framily plans are forcing this response. I expect other MVNO's will need to respond as well. AT&T dropped their pricing as well. Bottom line, competition =good for us customers.

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Nothing amazing to me, then again phone companies don't con you in Britain

(Yay three)

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I did the Ting calculator a year ago. They told me to stick with Sprint because with the amount of data I use, Sprint's unlimited plan was cheaper for me.

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(ZeroLemon 7000mAh battery)

I've been with Ting for a year. I came from Sprint and never looked back. Been saving almost $60 a month. Now I'll be saving $5-10 more. Great company. They are everything T-Mobile claims to be.

Seems to me that this isn't nearly as good a few deal as Republic is.

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In sorry I know everyone likes the idea of tings only pay for what you use model.
Buy even with these data price drops your still better off on pretty much any mvno if you use anywhere near 2GB of data. Too expensive especially for sprints network.

Pretty much any at&t or T-Mobile mvno is a better deal than them if you use data and you get a much wider phone selection.

Who cares if I'm technically paying for more than I use when I'm only paying $85 for two smart phones on Net10 on at&t's network

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Yeah I use 4+ GB a month, and my entire t-mo plan costs less than 2gb of ting data.

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I use 40+Gb of data a month. I think I'll stick with Sprint because of the better device financing.
Sorry Tmo, but you say my credit isn't good enough for $0 down.
Sprint says I'm already a customer, so I can choose my device a pay little too nothing up front.

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Sounds good except for the fact it's on sprints network-left tmo to jump on plan at work-Sprint-going back on my own before 14 days expire-crazy how much faster tmo is-took 15 mins to download an app today that would take 15 seconds tops on tmo

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Where are you located? Sprint is doing upgrades to 3G/4G LTE nationwide. Depeding on how far along your market is, you may be having temporary issues while they upgrade or you may be in a market that has not been upgraded yet.

Scranton, pa-lte is spotty and not at my home-when on lte pulls down 2/3-laughable-9/12 on tmo-trying to get work to switch all over to tmo-have that up to$350 to switch deal going on-maybe down the road Sprint will be quicker but I live in the present and it's unreal how bad they are now

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