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Canadian coffee shop chain Tim Hortons has just launched a new mobile barcode payment system that allows you to pay using the TimmyMe app. The payment option has been in testing over the last few months, and is now available for all users in Canada and the United States.

The mobile payment service allows you to pay for your order by registering your Tim Card on your smartphone, and then simply scanning the barcode on the bill using the TimmyMe app. If you have an NFC-enabled device, you can also use the tap-to-pay option (at participating stores) to complete your order.

In addition to mobile payments, the TimmyMe app can be used to locate nearby Tim Hortons restaurants, place an order ahead of time and view nutritional information of items on the menu. You can download the TimmyMe app from the Play Store link above.

Source: Tim Hortons


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Tim Hortons launches new mobile payment service


That's great. Now bring that shit down here to Southern California already!

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Installed it months ago and loaded up $33 to find out it could only be used in the Niagara region. Glad I can finally use my money.

Our stores have all been recently renovated from top to bottom (store closed for 4 weeks with a mobile trailer outside to serve the coffee during the renovations). They still don't have any scanners on the counter to use these barcodes... the ladies (and gents) behind the counter are all like "what's that? can we do that? no, we can't do that..." *SMH*

Fail. The world does NOT need another mobile payment system. The world needs vendors to support/accept one of the existing mobile payment systems.

Tim Hortons also supports normal mobile NFC payments linked to your credit card. The Tim app is helpful for those without a credit card, or if your bank doesn't offer mobile NFC credit card app. In Canada, only RBC and CIBC offer it. TD, BMO, and Scotia are still playing catch up.

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^^ This, Ben Lutgens!

NQH - how would I have a clue... I'm a customer, not a manager. I think I perhaps caused some confusion by using the words "our stores" - I meant the stores here in my town (there are three Tim's). But not really "my" town - I don't own it... LOL! I can use the NFC on my phone to pay, or tap my debit card, but AFAIK they still do not have a way to scan the barcode on my TimCard App.

My mistake. I thought you were working at the store. I was curious if all platforms were supporting the scanner. I know that some of them do.