ThunderBolt network mode

Here's an unexpected little treat that's come out of the latest update to the HTC ThunderBolt. Somebody (not sure if it was Verizon or HTC) finally decided it'd be a good idea to give us a way to turn off LTE if we so feel like it. All you have to do is go to Settings>Wireless and Networks>Mobile networks>Network mode, you'll get the option to set your preferred network to LTE/CDMA (ie 3G/4G, which is on by default), or CDMA (1xRTT/3G) only.

OK, so that's not quite as simple as a toggle widget like Sprint's put on its Wimax-capable devices. But it's easier and safer than diving into your modem settings (even if we do have those market shortcuts), and we'll take what we can get.

So if you find yourself in a spotty LTE area, or just want to save on battery, give this one a shot.

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Reader comments

ThunderBolt update brings a slightly easier way to turn off LTE


HA! They made it real simple to toggle off LTE alright. I lost it completely. Can't hold LTE for more than 30 seconds. Used to work perfectly with 2 bars and no lag from home.

Annnnd now I get to eat humble pie. Thanks to member Mortiel, pull battery and SIM card for at least 2 minutes. Start TBolt. Phone reprovisions itself. LTE is back!

Oh yeah, back on topic. The toggle is there and it works. Used to use the PhoneInfo app to do this.

Wish they would've made a widget - but I'm sure someone will create one using the new toggle method within a few days, a week at the most.

The ability to switch off LTE is a nice bonus. I hope to receive the update soon (verizon is taking its sweet time pushing it to my tb).

Don't have the update here, either. It just checks for software then fades away. The VZ rep here said that if I don't get the update within 2 days, to just bring the phone in for a swap.

In the other recent update thread a few people including me are seeing this issue. No resolution for it I was hoping someone could come up with a solution for it. VZW could not.

Regardless the THUNDERBOLT is a JOKE AT BEST AND SO IS VERIZON...If it wasn't for the android community that device would be in the garbage. Pretty sure this update doesn't help battery life because as soon as you turn on LTE it drains your battery DRASTICALLY. That will never change toggle switch or no toggle switch. Verizon DOES NOT UNDERSTAND 4G TECHNOLOGY AND NONE OF THERE DEVICE RUN AS THEY SHOULD ON THEIR LTE NETWORK. VERIZON has everyone STRUNG OUT ON ALL THIS SPEED BUSINESS but meanwhile they do not address the WEAK LINEUP OF DEVICES THAT THEY HAVE ALL LAST YEARS SPECS AT BEST..We will see all about this DROID BIONIC with 512MB of ram another 2010 spec in today's world 1mb of ram is the STANDARD 512 was 2010...So in my world the Bionic is already BEHIND THE CURVE LONG BEFORE IT'S ARRIVAL....

Verizon store rep told me they don't even sell TB anymore preferring to push the Charge. Although he said Charge had great screen (which this whole crowd would know) but also can't make a full day with its battery... Land of tough choices with the power hungry 4G radio. Holding out for Bionic does not seem like a great idea. Thunderbolt defect fix/update process has been pretty bad but I think everyone here would just like it to work the way it was intended and make it through a day on battery with no reboot. I have to root it to get that to be a reality? How come VZW can't take some initiative instead of pretending there is nothing wrong with this. All of the business users that bought this that were outraged that they couldn't make it through half a day on battery unless they disabled some bloatware and added a third party app to use the 3G network and then they may make it. I am telling those former BB people to get a Droid 3 from now on... This is crazy.

It really is a shame that the LTE network has drawbacks serious enough to require turning it off at times. Phone hardware designers have go to find better ways to manage battery life, especially when it comes to new technologies like LTE. "Here's a great new technology that will revolutionize the way you use your smart phone... except you will want to disable it most of the time." If that is what owning a 4G phone is all about, then I definitely will not be spending extra money for a phone that supports it! For me 3G is enough for now. If they don't improve the technology, then users like me will never jump on board.