If you were one of the many that rushed out to grab a HTC Thunderbolt for yourself, your 14-day return policy is rapidly approaching as you probably know. We have seen some issues arise, along with some fixes, some battery life issues, and some ways to help the battery life, and at the end of the day, the experience seems different for each user. So, our forums members would love to know, will you be keeping your HTC Thunderbolt, or have you decided to wait and see what else will be coming? Be sure to hop in the forums to cast your vote and let us know why!


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Thunderbolt owners: Are you keeping it? Or sending it packing?


HTC is just not the company they once were when they started having Android devices.
The newest unlockable lineup and such makes them undesirable.

I will only buy the HTC Evo 3d IF it's not subject to that.
If it is, so long HTC.

I can't take it anymore!!! I really love this phone but the battery life is ridiculous... I have my phone plugged in all day long... I can't live like this... It would have been nice if Verizon or HTC actually used their intellects when it came to the battery!!!!

UPDATE: I've taken some advice and my battery life has lasted me a full 12hours before I needed to charge it... It's a keeper!!!!

Keeping it. This is the best Android phone I have ever owned and the development community is fully embracing what could be one of the last easily hackable devices dropping these days. More Devs on board than I think anyone could have imagined.

I cant imagine that people on this site would keep the Tbolt with the Bionic around the corner. Its a single core phone in a dual core world. This phone was old news B4 it was released * months late. Its also way over priced.

Many just don't by Motorola. I could never go Blur after Sense, only a stock Motorola device would change my mind. Also, dual core is not being used fully yet anyway, so grab a 1 Yr plan and wait for the next batch.

The Bionic will be fully locked bootloader wise I'm sure and is basically the Atrix with a bigger screen and LTE. No thanks on that phone. At least the HTC can have true custom ROMs and recovery plus it doesn't have MotoBlur.

"dual core world"? lol there is exactly ONE phone on the market with a dual core. That's like saying dong buy LCD when LED is available or don't buy DVD when BluRay is available. We've got at least 6 months to a year before that statement has any falidity.

One thing that has become center stage in the cel phone world since the launch of the iPhone is the so called "user experience" and that is one place where HTC had everyone beat by a mile. Moto and Samsung both have a couple nice features each but in the overall user experience Sense has them beat hands down.

I might feel differently if the Bionic was unlocked like the original Droid was but Moto has a mediocre (at best) UI and is locking their phones down even more than ever before.

Raw specs aren't everything :-)

If in a year from now a newer phone comes out that I want, I'll just get one. I can either put my Thunderbolt on my bookshelf for a conversation piece, or sell it, or donate it to a charity. What's the big deal?

sent it back last Saturday. I miss having an android device but the decision was well made because of the steep price for it and the shotted battery life compared to upcoming devices.

Keeping it. No reason not to. Fast, reliable, sexy and the battery is far from horrible. Better than my D-Inc and X.

Keeping it. Loved the Incredible with custom ROM. Lots of development already happening with the TB so I can only imagine what it will be like a month from now!

m just wondering why even get the phone if you have all the info from sites like this. VZW is holding the bionic becuz of Tbolt. its a last year phone that wasnt released bcuz og battery issues. No QHD no Dual core no way. Its a 2010 model in 2011. if you have would seen the Atrix display its no way u woulda bought the Tbolt.

WTF is with people and displays, the display on the TB is fine. If you are watching movies or playing games on your phone to where this matters, you are probably a loser and need to get out more.

Yeah, it sure is silly to think that people who buy a phone with a 4.3" display might care about the screen quality *rollseyes*

I am 100% happy with the screen, I am not buying a high quality plasma or LCD, it's a friggin phone, and yes, HD content looks great on it. I am not passing on a phone like this because it doesn't have qhd, that's ridiculous.

The screen is one hundred percent bettervin all areas compared to my dx.and I really liked the dx screen. HTC incorporates android into their devices much better than motorola ever has. I'm keeping this because it is a better, smoother and faster experience than the Atrix/Bionic, yes I have been to AT&T and the Bionic is still kinda choppy, fast yes, but stillnsome lag changing screens.

The screen on the Atrix really isn't that impressive at all. I just got rid of it after 28ish days for the Inspire and I think the colors and overall look of the HTC blows the Atrix out of the water. But that's just my opinion.

Def keeping mine! And since I've had the Eris Incredible Fascinate and Droid 2 Global before these I KNOW this is the BEST android phone VERIZON has released! It's AMAZING!

Guys, return that thing. It's just a snappier EVO...come on. I know a lot of new guys who haven't had a nice Android phone will go Whoa! But still, its battery is even smaller than the Evo. Verizon will definitely have something that is leagues beyond thing soon enough. It's not an awful phone but I can tell you from experience its by far not even close to the best once june/july hit with the new phones. Suck it up, return it and wait just a bit longer and you will be WAY happier...if for the battery life and dual core processors alone.

What's wrong with a snappier EVO? The EVO was a kick ass device... and this is a faster one. If you've played with both an Atrix and a Thunderbolt or Inspire, you'll most likely agree that the Bionic isn't worth waiting for. The EVO 3D will be a big step up, but who knows how long it will take for Verizon to get a version of it. Might be 6 months or more.

Dude you will cry when you when the new stuff is out. No Qhd display is enough reason to not buy it. Just waite or switch carriers if u R that hungry for a new phone. But dont buy a last year model bcuz of overhyped vzw marketing.

Excuse me.

Please shut your mouth. You have been trolling this whole comment section with your Bionic rhetoric for long enough now. The story asks why you're keeping or not keeping your tbolt....not why you didn't decide to get one.

We understand. You want the Bionic. But some people want a phone that's easily hackable and already has a tremendous development community, not to mention not having to deal with Blur.

Jesus, in a world where you can't read an article on a tech blog without an android-apple fanboy flamewar breaking out, the last thing any of us need is fanboy wars WITHIN the android community.

Look, I love all things android. I don't mean this as an attack on the Thunderbolt users or their intelligence...but the reality is that this phone was dated the moment in was released and it has some serious issues to boot. Just the facts. Its filled with old tech and the battery size is just sad. So, if you are ok with buying a phone with dated tech that costs you as much as a phone with twice the tech...fine. The reality is that this is one the worst bang for your buck droid out there. Yeah, a snappier evo still sucks compared to everything else. love the evo, but its showing its age and aweful battery. Hell, we all just read a headlined post wondering if users are going to return it. Its common knowledge this phone is a bit of dud. Its like getting a fancy-revamped Playstation 2 while we get a PS3 in a couple of months. Just doesn't make sense unless you dont care about the new stuff, or technical problems with your phone, or an terrible battery size.

Moto Droid > Droid Incredible > Samsung Fascinate > Droid Pro > Droid 2 Global

I've had my share of high end phones, but still believe the Thunderbolt is the best phone on Verizon right now hands down. The new Moto will no doubt have amazing hardware but the software on a Moto Android is mediocre at best.

I'm definitely keeping it :-)

Took it back yesterday. The battery life is unacceptable. Back to my OG Droid until something with a bigger battery comes out. Motorola has always treated me personally well with their products so the Bionic may be the next one. The 4g radio just isn't worth it if I can't use my phone 5 hours after I unplug it. And that beast that Verizon is marketing as an extended battery is a joke, I got a semi-slim phone for that reason. End of rant..

keeping it with no QHD display and a single core. it was a last year model that they didnt release bcuz of still present battery issues.

Yes, keeping it, and when something actually hits market that is significantly better, I will buy that. You sit and wait and count your coins in the piggy bank.

Keeping it once I get my new one.

I sent my first one back as it had a screen defect. The screen wasn't fully sealed to the housing causing light to leak from below and beside the capacitive buttons. At night it was like an airport strip. I'm still waiting for my replacement to be shipped.

Got the Droid X instead, due to battery life. I may sell it later and
get the Bionic. Just can't deal with HTC's battery life anymore. Now, the X has rooted Gingerbread!

Droid X2 sounds cool. I think Verizon is getting the Galaxy S 2 as well, if Samsung doesn't crap the bed like they did with the build quality/updates it should be an amazing phone.

haven't we learned our lesson about Samsung by now? they take forever to update their phones and when they finally do what they upgrade to isn't the most recent OS anymore. DInc, Evo, and Moto Droid all got their Froyo on in under two months from launch (and got carrier approval). It's been 6 months and Fascinate STILL doesn't have Froyo and Gingerbread is out now.

Dont get me wrong, I'm all EVO 3d. no samsung for me. The Galaxy s2 looks interesting though. Maybe they have learned their lesson...who knows they could evolve.

I got a TB on launch day. Had an issue. Got a second and dispite not having the issue of the first returned it. I use my phone too heavily. Not even the battery tips and tricks worked. Returned both of them. So glad my DroidX took me back. I'll hold on to her till the Bionic.

great decision. im just wondering why even get the phone if you have all the info from sites like this. VZW is holding the bionic becuz of Tbolt.

The rumors you mean? lol. Every carrier likes to give the new flagship phone some time to sell before a new one comes out. THC was ready first so they got this slot. Nothing wrong with that.

great decision. im just wondering why even get the phone if you have all the info from sites like this. VZW is holding the bionic becuz of Tbolt.

Came from a Blackberry Curve 8330, and have nothing but good things to say about the Thunderbolt. Battery has not been an issue in the least;the Auto Wi-Fi application is fantastic on this phone. Between 4G and WiFi, I get 16 hours out of this phone with moderate use. I am quite happy.

just wondering why even get the phone if you have all the info from sites like this. VZW is holding the bionic becuz of Tbolt.

Mos Def Keepn it! coming from the Blackberry Storm2, not even worth thinking about going back or anywhere else. iphone 4 or 5.... NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

It's staying with nme! It will just get better once gingerbread is released. Plus, I have an upgrade in January 2012. By then, something significantly better should be out.

just wondering why even get the phone if you have all the info from sites like this. VZW is holding the bionic becuz of Tbolt. its a last year phone that wasnt released bcuz og battery issues. No QHD no Dual core no way. Its a 2010 model in 2011. if you have would seen the Atrix display its no way u woulda bought the Tbolt.

Its gone and I happy to have a phone that I can use for what is was created for and not have it crap out after an hour of use! Good riddance Thunderbolt!

I cant imagine that people on this site would keep the Tbolt with the Bionic around the corner. Its a single core phone in a dual core world. This phone was old news B4 it was released 8 months late. Its also way over priced.

How many times are you going to post this. Let me know once Android utilizes dual core, as well as apps, to where the Bionic will be that much better any time this year! Real everyday usage is what counts, and the TB does everything great now. Move on and go find something else to do, you obviously have something against the TB. Most users are happy.

Agreed, most users are happy...thats why this post even exists. Hell, screw dual core processors, I dont want any of this fancy new technology. only an idiot would want better everything in their phone. Can I buy a smaller battery for the TB? damn...I can't.

Verizon has you hooked, they sell you a cheap, buggy, overpriced 2010 phone with LTE because thats what you get and thats all you get. Not exactly nice but it is what it is. Sprint did this with their subpar 4g. They dropped the sexiest phone around with theirs so no one had to choose. Verizon knew that had something tight with 4g LTE and could exploit everyone. 4G lte is the ONLY thing nice about this phone and we all know it. There is no secret, the web is full of crappy reviews for this phone. Yes we will justify our shiny new purchases but the reality is what it is.

Keeping it. I had an EVO in an area without 4G (San Diego) and I loved that phone. With the TB, I have LTE, M-Hotspot all the things I didn't have with SPRINT and I was with them for 11 years. It has a better screen brightness than the EVO and is a much faster responding phone IMO. As for battery life, I purchased 3 (1500 mAmp) batteries and a battery wall charger on EBAY for $11. Just got them yesterday but for $11, I now have four batteries.

m just wondering why even get the phone if you have all the info from sites like this. VZW is holding the bionic becuz of Tbolt. its a last year phone that wasnt released bcuz og battery issues. No QHD no Dual core no way. Its a 2010 model in 2011. if you have would seen the Atrix display its no way u woulda bought the Tbolt.

How many times are you going to post the exact same thing? The qHD display is so overrated it's not even funny. The "retina" display is leagues above it in terms of color and quality. The HTC phones color and overall look is also far beyond the qHD (at least in comparison to the Atrix). Also Motorola can go pound sand with their locked down bootloaders and overall too cool for the room attitude. Screw Motorola and the Bionic and STOP TROLLING!!!

As annoying as this guy is, he is right about the bionic. EVERY retailer knows that once a new product is out...the previous one is dead...especially the technical turd that is the TB. With all of that marketing, no way they will allow a new phone with new tech drop.

If that was the case then no one would ever buy phones or technology. Everytime you buy a phone or piece of technology a week later a "better" one comes out. I just dont see why people get so upset about how others spend their own money and what they choose to like and keep. It doesn't matter let people buy and use what they want. It doesn't affect you (not directed towards you specifically) so who cares what devices others use?

I just performed an entire 5 month PLM project for a fortune 100 company using nothing but my EVO 4g bluetooth tethered to my laptop using free PDANet app with zero monthly charge...hope you realize you could have been doing this kind of thing for the last five years.

I'm keeping this TB.. after seeing all the lockdown crap with Motor I don't want anything to do with the Bionic. Plus, from what I've heard that dual core phone I useless if android won't be able to make use of it. My phone is fully unlocked, let's see how unlocked that Bionic gets, lol. And my battery life is not that bad, especially after custom kernels... So stop being such a hater lol

Didn't even pick one up. Everyone that thinks that its outdated, is right. Sure things are going to be locked down, but as I type from my locked GB Droid X don't find it to much of the problem. Will wait for Bionic or maybe awesome phone after that.

Most of the negative comments came from people that look like they never rooted their phones, never flashed any Rom or new Kernels, The Thunderbolt is a great Solid piece of technology with the most awesome support from the Dev community, in just a week from released its rooted!! as yesterday HTC released source Kernel so the fun just started soon to get Gingerbread before any Crappy Smartphone company release it, already we got 4 Roms with new Kernel with great battery life overclock to 1.8 GHZ!! Extended Battery 2750 mAh with Cover,
So and so much to come, get a dumberflip phone so you guys only have to charge every 3 days! LOL.
PS: and please don't tell me that you will get a Locked MOTOcrapyblur

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Rock and Roll

Keeping it. Some might say its dated but I disagree. Tell me of another 4G phone I can have now that actually gets 4G in my shop. I stick it on the charger when I'm working or in the car and don't worry about the battery anymore than I did with my D1 or DX. The extended battery is big and beautiful. Since I get the next great phone close to when they come out I'll be handing this one down in 6-10 months anyway so for now I'll enjoy my 4G and laugh at you peeps that are waiting for better devices.

Well said, I will get a new phone every 6 to 12 months also, so I don't have to wait for something better, I get it now. This is the best phone on the best network right now! Maybe not next month, or come May, but who cares. Then, if the Bionic doesn't live up to the hype, what then???

I had it for a week. I returned it. I currently use a Droid Incredible. The new Sense 2.0 is nice however I didn't find it a strong buying point for me but it is fast phone. The bad - battery life sucked worse then my Incredible and it's heavy. I thought I had a brick in my pocket. The new features, the 2.0 Sense and a few other minor changes from the EVO coupled with the aforementioned bad equated to a not worth the higher price. I'll wait for the next thing.
I also believe HTC needs to look at updating the overall appearance of their phones. They all almost look alike with just minor cosmetic changes in color of plastic or metal. The Sense 2.0 although a little refreshed from the previous change, just didn't quite make it for me.

of any of the ill-minded criticisms regarding htc phones, this is by far the dumbest. updating the overall appearance of the phones? IT'S A PHONE! there's a limited amount of changes you can make to the phone where it's still comfortable for the user to operate. do you want htc to make a triangular phone? a hexagon? i mean, really?

by the way, proud owner of a brand new thunderbolt and this baby is tight. best phone i've owned to date coming from an incredible which was certainly no slouch either. the haters are little more than one-trick ponies who really need to get a grip and realise that few people care about dual-core phones right now.

I enjoy my HTC Incredible. It's only real fault, in my opinion is that it feels very cheap because of the plastic. Expressing that maybe HTC should refine their products a bit more, is not "ill-minded" as I was not implying that they should produce triangles and hexagon phones. I love HTC Sense and think that that couple with a phone that feels refined may go along way for a broader appeal.

I don't like Apple because I don't like their OS or their model for doing business aside from the OS in the IPhone, the phone feels very refined and it doesn't weigh like a brick in your pocket.

HTC Thunderbolt was not for me. The only thing that I appreciated from it was the speed. Everything else I could do just as well on my Incredible and not have a low battery in 4 hours. I hope in the near future HTC will produce more 4G models for Verizon but I hope they look worth keeping along with improved battery life.

Keeping it. Look, something better is always around the corner. I can't worry about it. For now, this is a super device and I'm really happy with it.

I returned mine today and went back to my Motorola D1. Here were my issues:

1. Battery Life: I work 12 hour shifts and need something that can last longer than 6 hours. Yes I tried all of the various tricks and tips and that's how I got it up to the 6-8 hour range. The Thunderbolt also seems to take longer to charge up than my D1.

2. SMS: The device would regularly show duplicate messages and stop sending SMS messages. This was with the HTC messaging app and I also tried Handcent and would require a battery pull to fix. If I wanted to pull my battery twice a day I'd own a blackberry. The final straw was yesterday when I was trying to meet a friend and she got mad because she thought I was ignoring her texts. It looked like my texts were going out on my end.

3. Reception: No 3g and -96db in an area that my D1 gets consistent 3g and pulls -75db. I also experienced a lot of dropped calls on the Thunderbolt.

4. Airplane mode would take up to a minute to take effect (either way). Small potatoes, but I actually have to switch quite often.

5. Wouldnt pair with, or even see, my BT headset. It did connect with my car audio so BT was working, but it's apparently glitchy. The headset works great with the D1.

6. HTC Sense. I just don't like it. I put on Launcher Pro, but my usual widgets--esp news and weather-- arent on the Tbolt. Grrrr...

The Tbolt is a phone I WANTED to love. In reality it felt glitchy and left me with the impression that it was rushed to market.

Viva la D1!

Pretty much.

1. I have no interest in 3D

2. I don't need dual core

3. Most importantly: The whole point was to get OFF Sprint and their non-penetrating 4G signal.

I just wanted to move to the Verizon 4G network and have basically the same phone as my EVO: the Thunderbolt. I was happy with my EVO and wanted to keep the same phone. I was not happy with Sprint 4G.

Simple as that :)

Wow! a lot of negative comments thrown around without much thought. Here is MY opinion. I am coming from a Blackberry Tour so this is my first Android. I really love this Bolt! It does everything that it says it will do, it's fast, and looks cool. The massive screen looks great and I realize that it also is one of the single biggest culpirits regarding battery life. I did the research and I knew going in that battery life would not be that great. The postives FAR outweigh the negatives. Sure, I would like a phone that lasts all day with one charge (I'm not about to cripple LTE or turn off the cool widgets I like) but I can live with giving the phone an extra charge at work. So I charge twice a day, that is ok with me. IMHO, it is the best phone available Right Now!! Again, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! :-)
Oh, Hell Yeah I am keeping this phone!

Battery life on this phone is not really good but it is not that bad either (I work in a building that drains my battery) and I am nit in a 4g area yet. On the stock battery I only had the battery die once on me. The OEM extended life battery, while I don't like what it does to the overall look of the phone takes care of any battery worries I have. I can get a day and a half off of it with moderate use if I choose to. Definitely keeping the phone :-)

Quick, everyone go rate Dhamp's posts as SPAM so he can get the BAN HAMMER.

ten posts on a single article? Get a life dude.

I don't have the T-Bolt (verizon too pricey and strict for me) but it looks like a very nice phone. I have an evo and frankly it has all the power I need and then some, and I enjoy rooting and modding and romming etc. Only in very, very few cases could I enjoy some more power -- the biggest thing I would enjoy is faster internet. A few months from now, there will be something better than the Tbolt, but that won't make the Tbolt obsolete, except to those people who DON'T HAVE LIVES besides having the latest and greatest cell phone. Don't get me wrong, I like having the sweet stuff. But I don't blame people who buy the Tbolt (though I DO think it's wildly overpriced, just like everything else Verizon...) because it's an excellent phone on a strong network. Root it and live happily ever after. Done.


The regular price is a bit high (you must not remember a few years ago when a high end smartphone was $299) by today's standers BUT one thing that did not get a lot of press attention is that quite a few of us who had some sort of employer discount on our accounts got ours for $199 anyway.

After reading this whole discussion, I think that both sides brought up good points. YES the battery is an issue. But battery technology isnt there yet. The only platform that has good battery life is apple. No android user will put themselves into the locked up and almost cult like group of apple, so that s mute point.
I came from a blackberry bold, I like my phone a lot but I wanted a phone that was FULLY customizable. From what I have gathered from all that I have read, HTC makes a great phone and their software is able to be hacked and rooted. Phones like the Bionic and its reputation that is coming about, Is that it is NOT a phone that has the same option of full customization and HTC DOES have that option.
I also wanted a phone that had a huge screen (blackberrys have little screen I couldnt even see pictures on), but since thatI wanted a huge screen I realized battery life will be an issue. But I cant think of one time in the day that I couldnt get juice from some outlet/computer/etc. or if it bothers you that much. Buy another battery. Battery life should not be such and issue. If it is lock yourself in the apple world.

The thunderbolt does what it does well. It s agreat phone. Yes it is glichy and has some draw backs, but any phone on release will have its problems. Thats why we have software updates that fix those issues.

Im going to keep my thunderbolt. Good phone, large screen, google applications are amazing, rooting is easy, custom ROMS, played a 1080p on my phone, gingerbread is coming out soon, and the UNLIMITED DATA (was a deal maker for me).

I'm keeping it but will be using next upgrade in June on Bionic, will say this Tbolt is a better phone than my X was. And 4G is sweet! Once I play more with it now that I finally rooted it, maybe I can overclock it and undervolt it and enjoy it even more. I still haven't had a chance to see the qHD on Atrix to compare the SLCD to see the difference. There are mixed feeling on the qHD, but my question is....isn't HTC putting qHD screens on their new phones?

I'm almost certainly keeping it (just picked it up Monday). The phone is working well for me, I've already adjusted to mediocre battery life (I like high end phones, coming from an EVO), and the network performance is excellent. It is also important to me for the phone to be rooted, and with the custom bootloader.

I've had an EVO, and while I've been very happy with the phone, I've gotten more and more annoyed with the 4G network. Having the EVO and 4G is why I am switching to the Thunderbolt (and Verizon), if I had stuck with 3G, I would be more likely to stay. When I have a 4G signal on Sprint, it is great, I've gotten used to it and really dislike being stuck on 3G when actively using the device. Problem is, while Los Angeles (and I had the same experience in Las Vegas) is a launched 4G market, the coverage has WAY too many holes in it, and the coverage maps aren't accurate in terms of actual coverage. Also, when I am someplace where the network extremely busy (like Disneyland and large conferences), 4G would be a lifesaver at times, but more often than not, I don't have coverage when I need it (according to the map, most of Disneyland should have coverage, according to my EVO, it doesn't). Assuming Verizon's coverage is up to the standards they set (which so far it is), I will stick with Verizon LTE, and the Thunderbolt is perfectly good for the next year or so (signed a one year contract on purpose).

Also, other than speed, there is one other MAJOR upgrade (at least for me) over the EVO, WAY more storage space for applications. The EVO has about 500MB of apps, and I have a LOT of apps installed. I constantly had to manage space (more items onto the SD card, merge updated ROM apps with the ROM, etc) to keep the Low Space warning away. With all the apps installed on the Thunderbolt, I loaded everything, and still have more FREE space than I had in TOTAL on the EVO. Much much happier about that.

Plus I wanted to make sure I got unlimited data while it was still available.

One other note: I did play with the Atrix for a few minutes in an AT&T store. The screen wasn't noticeably better than the Thunderbolt IMO, and the performance difference wasn't noticeable to me. Load times of a web page is the most important thing performance wise to me, and the 4G fixes that issue so that I'm not bothered by the wait.

Keeping mine - ABSOLUTELY!!

I was with T-mo for 8 years, and bought the G1 launch day, then Moto-click, MyTouch 4G and then Samsung Galaxy S. Love Droid!!
I jumped to Verizon 8 days ago as I need better coverage in the mountains of WASH & ORE for skiing/climbing/4x4ing, ...oh and that merger thing accelerated/ scared me off too :-).

I only have two issues with the TBolt;
1 - yes, the battery - but I'm used to this as NONE of my above listed phones would last a full 6 hours either!! I'm used to packing a charger and being a wise user.
2 - the kick stand and the USB port design flaw....bummer.

As much as I live for phone technology and having bleeding edge goodies - this ThunderBolt is wickedly speedy!

Previous posts are correct - when Gingerbread hits this phone will be and Thunderous contender. I believe this phone has 15+ months in it and will provide time for the truth about Dual-Core phones and supped-up graphics to shake out in battery life and other areas.

Like I said - I'm keeping mine, and I'm happy to brag about it. :-)


I would love to send it packing. Here's why...

1) The battery life is beyond horrid. The extended battery makes it somewhat okay, but Verizon should not have expected this to be acceptable with this huge battery from 1998.
2) There are quite a few apps that are not compatible. They either state they aren't compatible and will close down or they force close when you try to start them. Most other apps work okay for about 3-4 minutes and will just force close in the middle of using them.
3) GPS is not always accurate.
4) 4G data issue = a big pain my rear. It'll show 4G in the notification area. I will try to access the internet and it will sit there and eventually give me a page not found error or a connection error, then the 4G symbol will go away, it'll come back up and I will try again. I will try that 3 - 4 times and still won't work. I will then put my phone in airplane mode (or restarted and done a battery pull) and it will come back up in 1X or 3G at the top. Other times it still seems to be okay and works fine. Then about and 2 hours later it start doing the same thing. I am having to restart my phone about 4-5 times a day to keep a 4G connection.

Where do you live that your 4G is doing that? I travel into Philly every day and while deading in the transition from 3G (South Jersey) to 4G (Just before the Bridge) is flawless. Do you live right on the verge of 3/4G? I have heard this to be a slight problem.

I agree with the battery issue, piss poor planning, but I do have the ability to hook up to a charging location quite often through out the day. I simply turn off the GPS amongst other apps to conserve all day. I dont need a million things open at once.

Last thing to say is this. When I purchased this phone I left BB, this phone is light years above what I came so I am happy. If you strive to have the newest and greatest phone you will have to buy a new one every 4 months. Right now it is the end of the 1Ghz processor, next is the Dual Core, then the Dual Core 3D, then there will be a quad core, then they will make it run longer, faster, scratch your ass while it types directly from your brain waves. Blah Blah Blah Blah.

I guess what I am saying is that I will be keeping the phone.

I live in Oklahoma City. We are supposed to have LTE throughout the entire metro area. I called the VZW store and said they are aware of the issue and HTC is working on a software update.

I'm keeping it mainly because I love Sense. I don't have any battery issues because I live in a 3G-only area at the moment. And in the next update, HTC will probably include a 4G toggle switch, which will hopefully alleviate everyone's problems.

Yes, the Bionic is dual-core, and will be the fastest phone out there in a couple of months...which is great if specs are all you care about. But the Bolt is no slouch either. At the moment, it's the fastest single-core phone, and that's perfectly fine by me. Keep in mind I'm upgrading from an anemic OG Droid. Plus the Bionic will have MotoBlur...ugh.

The whole thing about the Bolt launching with 2.2 doesn't bug me at all. If it were a vanilla Android phone it would, but since Sense adds so much over vanilla as it is, it really makes no difference.

Those are my two cents :P

Keep for now, I most likely will go back to Rimm when the Storm 3 comes out. I am very disappointed with the thunderbolt.

Issues --- Camera stability --- False dials --- Battery live.

As a matter of fact this has completely changed my decision on buying a Xoom. Ill wait for the play book, but probably end up with a Ipad2.

I am definitely keeping mine. I just switched from an HTC Touch Pro (Windows Mobile 6.1) and the TBolt is a road runner next to the Touch Pro. Besides, I really like HTC phones (the TBolt is my fourth HTC phone) and the Sense experience. Right now this is the best phone on Verizon and I really didn't want to keep on waiting. I don't like Blur, so Motorola is not an option for me. When HTC brings a dual-core phone to Verizon I may just sell the TBolt and get the new phone; but, for now, I'm quite happy.

Other than the battery (which is a non-issue since I can charge easily), I have not seen any of the problems some folks have complained about there. 4G has been great and stable, the camera has worked fine, the GPS has been spot on, etc. Maybe I've just been lucky!

I'm keepin it... the battery (with proper battery management) lasts me a good 8-12 hours with moderate use. If I leave the LTE on I'll get less than 8 so I just use it when I need to. On 3g all the time, the battery is excellent. WAY WAY WAY better than my pre plus which would drain after 5 hrs. I keep a spare battery in my wallet so i can pretty much stay wireless for 2 to 3 days if I want.

It's really zippy.

My friend has an ATRIX and the thing is buggy and laggy which I was shocked to see.

This phone isn't for everyone though.

I'm keeping it. I put the phatty exended battery on it, and I just did a 12 hour day, with pretty regular use of both internet and text, and I managed to bring it down to a whopping 45% with the screen set on high. I'm also not nearly as min-maxed as a lot of people on these forums here. This is my first android phone, so coming from a dumbphone, anything is better.

As a man, well more as a man with big pockets, weight nor size is an issue.

I have two complaints

1. The kickstand-USB design is ridiculously flawed. Really? No one brought up how worthless the kickstand becomes? No one thought that people would want to watch something while tethered?

2. I hope there are cases for extended batteries soon. I bought a 3 dollar silicone case from amazon and cut a hole in the back. It is ghetto, and I'm not a huge fan of gel cases, but it was the only thing I could think of (I didn't want to dremmel a hard case). Hopefully there is some real remedy for this soon.

I suppose I'd like a skinny phone where I can go a whole day without charging, but not having to even think about battery management is worth the bulge. Also I don't think it is really as bad as everyone thinks it is.

Keeping mine. I haven't had any battery issues whatsoever, and I'm a seriously heavy user.

As for dated hardware on release, I've found all phones are like that. I had an og Droid a month after release, and a month later felt it was dated. If I waited to get the latest and greatest all the time, I'd still be on a dumbphone thinking "I'm going to get the next smartphone coming out because the current ones won't be as good".

In conclusion, this phone is great and I love it. Definitely keeping mine.

Returned my Bolt on day 13 and happily paid the restock fee.IMO the Thunderbolt is well made and LTE is the future(even Sprint knows it) but there is no excuse for HTC and VZW to release it with such an undersized battery.What really made me hedge my bet was the new unofficial GingerBlur OS shown on the DX. Really renewed my interest in Bionic.If the Bionic doesn't impress me I could easily see me going back to a Thunderbolt packing the JLO Extended Battery.

i got my TB on release day i loved the HTC sense 2.0 UI vary friendly incredibly fast phone. I just couldn't live with the battery life mine lasted about 6 hours. so i will wait for something with a bigger battery.

I am still on the fence about mine. I have another 11 days to return. My problem is reception issues at home. I don't live in a 4G area yet (coming this summer) but my reception is nowhere near what my X got. I am giving it a few more days and then if it doesn't get better I am returning it. I know damn well I will not get another MOTO. I really like the phone it is worlds faster in everyday use than my X. There is a ton of devs that have already started working on it.

Keeping came from rooted D1 got on release day rooted with in week removed bloatware battery much better no complaints. speedy phone and there will always be something better soon.

The main reason I got the TB was to get tied into unlim data on Verizon. Whether you want to accept it or not they are doing away with it! After a week of using the phone... I LOVE IT. I went from a droid 2 to this guy and the only other android phones i'll ever own will either be stock android or sense based. (I work at Costco selling phones so my droid 2 was a dealer line which was not contracted so I just wanted to get tied into unlim data before its too late)

why is everyone making a big fuss over the bionic the internal specs are there but if you see it n action it just looks buggy and compared to the TB or any htc phone it doesnt compare with the way you can flip through different tabs...

After a lot of consideration, I decided to keep mine. The extended battery gives me a longer battery life than my OG Droid. While there are issues I still have with it (kickstand/usb, Skype, etc.), it is still a great LTE phone.

The biggest hiccup I had was, "What about the Bionic?" so I tried MotoBlur and I hated it, so that was the end of that. I'm happy with my purchase.