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UK carrier selling the Wifi-only Nexus 7 on its own, or bundled with a Mifi

British mobile operator Three has announced that it's now selling the new Nexus 7 through its brick-and-mortar stores across the country. However it's not the LTE-capable Nexus 7 as you might expect, but the cheaper Wifi-only version, which sells for £199.99. (Evidently O2 still has exclusivity over the 4G-capable Nexus tablet in the UK.)

But to compensate, Three's offering the option of a bundled Huawei HSPA+ Mifi, which costs £29.99 when purchased with a one-month rolling contract at £15.99 per month. Alternatively the hotspot is available for £49.99 on PAYG with 1GB preloaded.

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Three UK launches the new Nexus 7 - but just the Wifi-only version


So let me get this straight. You can get the Mifi for £30 with a one-month rolling contract that costs £16 and includes 5GB of data, for a total of £46, or you can pay £50 for the Mifi, which comes with 1GB of data?

Even if you wanted to do PAYG, why wouldn't you get the Mifi and the one-month contract for £46, then cancel and do PAYG after that? Or am I missing something?

A significant number of people will forget to cancel, or simply not bother. It's worth it to three.

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I would love to make more use of my 3 PAYG SIM, but they have zero coverage at my house. I can walk about 100-200m and get some signal at the ends of my road; but right here - ZERO. Almost all other systems work here now, so come on 3 - can I have my own tower please?

Is there any significant advantage to using a N7 + a Mifi over the 3G-4G version of the same device?