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Data connections return after outage of around 14 hours

Update: We're now seeing Three data services return to our devices. Three says it expects the whole network to return to normal this afternoon.

Original story: British mobile operator Three has confirmed that it's experiencing connectivity issues on its 3G data network. The outage is affecting many of us on the Mobile Nations team, and a quick look at Twitter reveals many other Three subscribers in the same position. Those affected are unable to connect to 3G data, with devices hanging when attempting to connect to the data network. Calls and text capabilities, however, do not seem to be affected.

Three says it's aware of the data issues and is working on a fix --

We're having some issues with our data network this morning. It's being worked on as a priority, sorry for any inconvenience. More to follow.

It's the first widespread outage to affect Three in recent years, but not the first to hit a major UK carrier. A series of high-profile network issues plagued rival network O2 in 2012, and more recently EE offered customers free data as an apology for network issues.

Three (and its customers) will be hoping that its own issues are resolved in short order, and we'll keep you posted with any further developments. Three customers -- are you affected by today's outage. Shout out in the comments!

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Three UK experiences widespread data outage [Updated]


This is funny, my number is due to move from Vodafone over the Three literally in the next few hours and then this happens :D

Despite this outage, which I'm sure will be short-lived, I find Three to be the best network, especially coverage, speed and their plans.

Verizon Wireless is having 3G and 4G service problems lately here in the states as well. A few days ago it was down for over 4 hours!

Live in London, thought my iPhone was playing up, so reset it a few times, only after that and I still didn't get 3G did I suspect a network problem... I wonder if we'll get a refund? Not likely.

I get no Three coverage in my office and no coverage in my house, bit of a waste of space to be honest. Time to move.

So tell them! :) I was with Three before I moved to Vodafone, then when I moved to London I had the same problem thanks to my first flat being behind VERY thick walls. They tried to help me but when it became clear that they could no longer provide me service in my new billing address they let me terminate my contract a year early with no extra fees. All I had to do was send the phone back (fair enough really), and I was so impressed I vowed to go back as soon as I moved out of that building

That is actually pretty decent of them. I live in a granite building and the difference in signal between inside and out is night and day. Might be worth a shot.

Gosh! Why would you change network just because of a single outage? Three's network as a whole is generally very reliable. But, like all networks, it can have significant points of failure from time to time.

Then who would you go to? EE failed recently, O2 and Vodafone before that.

I was affected, 3g has resumed at about 10:30. My friend in Scotland has reported that her's is still out.

10:42AM - Mine (mobile broadband) has just come back in Hampshire.

Also my phone on T-Mobile (yes still says that on the screen) dropped to GSM and sometimes EDGE as well

the outage was mostly over night and in the early hours so most people didn't even notice, and it was only data outage, text and calls remained unaffected.

Apparently London was fixed a few hours ago and the rest of the UK will be sorted by this afternoon.