Best Buy Samsung Elite

Before we all go too crazy over this Best Buy Mobile in-store "gift-shopper's smorgasbord" image, which shows a Samsung-esque phone that looks like it could match the oft-rumored by never-confirmed (and possibly misnamed) Nexus S or Nexus 2, remember this: Best Buy has also showed the HTC Aria towering over the Evo 4G, and with 4G data, no less.

It's also interesting that the home button is all the way to the right. Has that been done on any other phone? And maybe the green-colored icons at the bottom and top are Gingerbread. Or maybe it's another bad Photoshop job. We know. We're Debbie Downers like that. [Best Buy Mobile via Engadget]

More in the official "Where the hell is Gingerbread" form


Reader comments

This the Samsung Elite/Nexus S/Nexus 2?


I've been waiting to get the MyTouch4G, but if the Nexus (what ever we call it) is right around the corner i might have a new target in sight.

why is there no branding on the front? No carrier wouldn't put a huge logo right on the front, as being the only one to carry it.

ya, not seeing this as the real pic of the phone, my vote bad photoshop

true true.

I don't remember the original Nexus launch, was it available for all carriers from the get? I do remember it not being offered by the carriers, just for the carriers. directly from google.

Looks like the phone has a "Chin".
Also has yet another oddball arrangement of the four touch buttons on the bottom with home and search swapping places from the Nexus

But its clearly a photoshop, so all bets are off.

If the N2 is supposed to come from Samsung (shudder, wince), there's not even a Samsung brand on the photo. And why would it have a chin? Isn't that an HTC thing? I vote photoshop, too.

If this comes to at&t I might renew my contract and upgrade from my N1. Might. But the rumored Motorola T2/Olympus/terminator might get me too. God I hate AT&T, the only carrier not talking about 4g/wimax/Lte. May be time to switch to Verizon.

If it means anything, that screenshot is consistent with the Gingerbread leak that appeared as an Phandroid exclusive. They wrote that gigantic article about the green icons because they were quite proud of getting an exclusive, clearly.

So... that's confirmed to be Gingerbread. Right... ?

Looks cool, but I'm not sure I'll get it. I like having a trackball/trackpad of some sort to make text corrections quickly. I'm sure that screen will be gorgeous, though, just like all the other Galaxy S phones.