Droid Incredible Gingerbread

You didn't really think the Droid Incredible would be left to languish with Froyo, did you, folks? (You certainly shouldn't, because HTC's said Gingerbread's coming. And to that end, a leaked Gingerbread ROM (Android 2.3.3) has made its way out of everybody's favorite Chinese ROM dumping ground and packaged up into flashable form.

If you're hoping for the latest and greatest version of Sense, well, you're going to be disappointed. But that's also why we keep telling you not to expect it. It ain't gonna happen.

If you're in the mood for a little hackery, check out the links below.

Download: XDA Developers; Source: 911HTC; Via: Android Central Forums

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Any estimates of when Verizon is going to release the official version? I don't wanna root my phone. =) And the Incredible isn't getting the new Sense? /sadface

Well I already knew that! I was hoping for a more specific timeframe, haha.

Masheen says:

This is great news. Another leaked version of Gingerbread for another great phone. It's starting to get comical how there are no official releases for GB but 5 or 6 leaks are floating around.

Menno says:

Screenoff animation isn't there, but internet calling is (at least in this build) It took me a couple of tries to get it up and running, but it finally is now. Seems stable, but we'll see.

onixblack says:

I don't see why the incredible can't have a newer version of Sense. It has so much internal memory, it can at least get Sense 2.1

dscribe says:

Oh it will. It won't be long now till we'll have Sense 2.+ GingerSense ROMs all over the place. :) Root Rocks!

*looks up from Cyanogenmodized Dinc* That's nice. Maybe now Team Cyanogenmod can finally get they're hands on the drivers for 720p video recording. I'm no fan of sense and I have no interest in Gingersense or the official update but I know there are plenty of people who do, so I;m glad those people will be finally getting Gingerbread.

Dark_Blu says:

Could we please get a leaked Gingerbread ROM for the EVO? Hell no. Not till the EVO 3D comes out. We wouldn't want people to not buy an EVO 3D because a Gingerbread update on their EVO is "good enough". LOL!!

leerage says:

News flash buddy it has been out for over a month now!


Dark_Blu says:

EEEK. I probably wouldn't have missed that on that date if I wasn't having to fire the drummer in my band and cancel gigs without having to strangle him. Thanks for the info.

El Jefe says:


pDoG says:

I'm almost positive the screen off animation is only for the nexus devices. Every gingerbread build I've seen doesn't have the screen off animation except cm7.

briankurtz79 says:

Pretty sure the kingdom rom (sense 3.0) for the evo has it.

Jowlah says:

What do you think Verizon is adding to the Gingerbread build?

El Jefe says:

Probably an updated Blockbuster app or something useless like that.

orlanka says:

I can't wait to get my hands on that new bloatware! It will be like Christmas morning!


ricbon says:

I just hope we can get 720p on cyanogenmod7 now anytime soon

Jude526 says:

I can wait for the official update from Verizon.

shoman24v says:

Probably they did it like this because the phone is at it's EOL (end of life). This is a quick and dirty way to get the phone up to date without putting to much work in it. Not a bad thing at all.

There's gotta be a point where the bitching ends. People want 2.3, HTC gives it. But now people want the newer Sense....?

DikaiaKnight says:

Obviously the DInc won't get Sense 3.0 but we should get 2.1, right?

Crystalyne says:

Can someone please put a nail in simplevips65 account, no one here wants to see this #$*t!!!

loudaccord says:

That's funny... I'm sitting here running Sense 3.0 on my Incredible thanks to this leak :)

shawngc says:

Can you post a link for this rom?? I've been trying to find a Sense 3.0 rom for my Droid Incredible but yet to find one..

loudaccord says:

xda developers has a few to choose from: http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=638