Good news for anyone in the UK with a contract on Tesco Mobile — the network has announced that it's to ditch its £2.50 surcharge and offer LTE services to all postpaid customers for free. Tesco Mobile is operated by the supermarket chain of the same name but runs on O2's airwaves, so you should be good for 4G coverage wherever O2's got it deployed. Customers will still need to be on a contract with Tesco Mobile, however, as the network isn't yet offering 4G on pay as you go.

Tesco Mobile offers a variety of Android phones on contract, as well as 1 and 12-month SIM-only deals for between £7.50 and £20 per month, which gets you between 500MB and 3GB.

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Tesco Mobile offers free 4G LTE to all contract customers


Considering a number of everyday Tesco Customers, their network seems to have the biggest market perspectives to develop in the UK. Obviously they waste a lot of this potential because of one 'everyday' brand for all, but it doesn't change the fact Tesco Mobile keeps power round the corner... :)

[...] new BYOD hero:

Three have unlimited data and 4g at no extra for £12. Just waiting for the 4g rollout!

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The maximum is actually 8GB if you opt for a higher data bundle. But if unlimited is what you need, then yes Three is better deal providing you can get coverage. If you can get coverage then Three's deal is the best in the UK market.

Customers who have already opted in for 4G (like me) will receive a £2.50 credit on their bill to offset the "cost" of the 4G Bundle.

Three's deal is a lot better, unlimited 4G and 3G for about 12 per month. Plus Three have over 85% DC-HSDPA coverage, more than any other network and 98% 3G coverage I get speeds of around 30Mbps on their 3G network so a much better deal!