Temple Run for Android is finally here and if you're still not sure what all the fuss is about, have a look at the video demo above to get a better a look at the game. Granted, I'm not the best at playing but hey -- I just got it, cut me some slack. You'll find the link to Temple Run beyond the break if you're looking to get in on the action as well.


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Video hands-on demo of Temple Run for Android


most overrated game ever to grace us
like many apps from iOS once they get here we realise all the hype was for nothing just iOS fanboys making noise b/c they had something we did not!

Did they only test it on a G1 running 1.5? My brother can barely play a game on his Droid X before it crashes and it isn't even compatible with my RAZR MAXX.

Before anyone complains about Temple Run not working on your phone, you might as well tell us if you're running a Custom ROM. Devs on the Play Store are not obligated to test their app/games on every custom ROMs available for a phone. I'm using the official ICS ROM for the i9100 and I haven't encountered any of the bugs people have been going on about. Same thing with a friend who uses an older xPeria phone.

Stop making lame assumptions.... Folks with Unrooted STOCK ICS on their GNEX for a fact have issues. The game is buggy as hell. Go read the comments on the game... because it works on your phone doesn't mean anything.

Stock Rom Galaxy Note on AT&T and so far, no problems at all. I've already played quite a few games, so if something was gonna pop up, it would have already. Already killed my battery once today with it.

Running great on my rooted & ROM'd SGSII Epic 4G Touch BBQASAPLMNOP

Just kidding with the last part but yeah, no problems or crashes with it (so far); fingers crossed

Listen u ppl r madly insane! Im running stock--4.0.3 of the Asus Transformer 101 brand and its
p e r f e c t really maybe small lag but i ve played it on and ifone nd its the same if not not better. Standing O 2 the ppl @ Imangi Studios1