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TELUS has been pretty good as far as information surrounding their devices update schedule to Ice Cream Sandwich. There's another update now doing the rounds, and sadly it brings bad news for owners of the HTC Desire HD. The update for the Desire HD has been cancelled "due to poor device performance during testing." 

While it's sure to be a bitter blow to owners of the device eagerly awaiting their turn to upgrade, if performance is an issue then it's the right decision to make. An update isn't worth waiting on, let alone accepting, if it doesn't make for a good user experience. 

Additional Android devices featured on the latest documentation still shows August for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 with the 10.1 also slipping to August after we'd previously seen late July for the tablet. Also, there's prospective August 7 in market date for the LG Optimus LTE

Source: TELUS via Mobilesyrup


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TELUS HTC Desire HD update to Android 4.0 cancelled, down to 'poor device performance during testing'


I hope this doesn't mean that the Thunderbolt will get cancelled also. I was really looking forward to this update to tide me over until I can upgrade my phone.

Be careful what you wish for, Thunderbolt works very well on Gingerbread. I'll take that over a borked one running ICS. Look at it further, if ICS does come to it, you can be sure it won't exactly be bug free and will most likely need a subsequent OTA. How long will that take if they even do it? Are you willing to deal with that? Guess my point is; be happy with what you have and look for a new OS on a new phone. :)

Lol stock android runs smoother than anything. But HTC is stubborn with their corporate decisions to put skins on the phone and there you have it ...

This news certinaly doesn't bode well for the Thunderbolt. If HTC can't get it to run with Sense then they can at least send out code for guys like Cyanogenmod to make a build for the 'bolt.

Yep. 768MB of memory is just not enough for Sense and ICS. It is bad enough with 1GB of memory. A single core 1GHz Qualcomm Scorpion CPU doesn't help matters much either.

You say that...yet the HTC Desire C (our review will be up soon) runs ICS, Sense 4.0 and only has a 600MHz Snapdragon CPU and 512MB RAM. And it runs it pretty well

Really? Are you sure it is not Sense 3.5 or whatever they call the "limited" version now? This is an official update from HTC?

Thats Bull. My Inspire runs a Sense 4 port with ICS very well and it's the same phone as the DHD. Runs very fast and very smooth. There are several Sense 4 and even Sense 3.6 ports of ICS avalable on XDA. And they all run well on the DHD and the Inspire 4G.

Hope this doesnt hold true for the international version as well... as long as it comes out on any of the desire hd variants we will have the drivers necessary to get full sense 4.0 working ports on the desire hd.

Htc and Samsung are the same they will promise an update like the value pack for gt p1000 but the waiting will take forever.

No because it was going to difficult to get ICS and sense to run on memory available. However now might be time to root and flash aosp custom rom. Ics runs well on its cousin, the inspire, without sense.

@crxssi The Desire HD & Incredible S is running a 1st gen Snapdragon. The Thunderbolt & Droid Incredible 2 runs a S2 Snapdragon. The Incredible S is running ICS with Sense 3.6 just fine and just like the Thunderbolt & Droid Incredible 2 it has 768MB. I have a feeling it has to do with battery life, Desire HD has 12XXmah battery.

Actually, I was wrong thinking the Desire HD and Incredible S was running a S1. Its indeed a S2 but an older version compared to the ThunderBolt and the Droid Incredible 2.

MSM8255 - Desire HD and Incredible S
MSM8655 - ThunderBolt and Droid Incredible 2

HTC has already released a statement saying that's incorrect. While Telus may have canceled it, HTC still intends to release the upgrage, rumored to be released on July 25.

I agree, I have the evo design and I don't know if I'll get another htc device after this, the upgrade path is just plain pathetic.

Oh please.. DHD has same spec as Desire S and Incredible S which got ICS updates with sense 3.6! What a liars.

The DHD is still on HTC's update list. It is Telus that stoped the update. Not HTC. They just want you to upgrade your phone. HTC blog page is full of Very angry folks with DHD's asking what is going on but so far nothing from HTC.

Here's an idea HTC. Have a pc tool that backs up all the users data, flashes the update and then re-installs all the user data. Kies does that. Titanium backup+sms backup+google sync have your apps, sms and contacts saved.
This is HTC just being plain lazy.
Or too cheap to allocate some engineers to work on this phone