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Today Telenav launched Scout, their newest GPS navigation app. It has the usual plethora of live traffic conditions, points of interest, and estimated times of arrival for various routes. Voice-activated commands are also included, which is something of a necessity when you've got your hands on the wheel. The app itself is free, but there are a handful of features that are available through an in-app purchase, such as alerts to speed traps, improved lane assist, and connectivity with select Ford vehicles through AppLink. That extra stuff costs $4.99/month. 

Here's a video showing what Telenav is like. Are you happy with Google's Navigation app for Android, or do you find you need something more robust when going from point A to point B? Is there really anything particularly remarkable about Scout?

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Unibrow says:

I REALLY REALLY REALLY loved Telenav, until they started advertising while giving me directions. It was incredibly annoying and distracting, the latter of which you don't need while driving and trying to follow directions, and their new UI was horrid while using it in landscape. May have to give it a try again but with a bit of hesitation.

TallyHo says:

Wow, this could actually replace Maps/Local for me. Going to give it a test drive. Liking it a lot so far.

shankly7 says:

Anybody know the difference between Scout and the current Telenav GPS? Other than changes to the gui look it seems to be the same thing.

fs8gbe says:

I use Waze daily. Hands down the best NAV app I have ever used.

BMIC50 says:

I do too. If only Waze would incorporate the ability to take a snapshot/video from within the app, I would never need any other!

icebike says:

Maps onboard, or from their cloud?

mattb5#AC says:

I was totally happy with Google Navigation until the previous update that broke it on the Rezound. It crashed & rebooted the phone. So I started using Waze. I've got to say, I like Waze better because of the built-in speed trap/road hazard alerts.

jrsharp70 says:

I'm interested to see how this compares to the Sprint-provided telenav service. As in, does this mean I should no longer use it? Is the Sprint version better? Do they have the same features? No answers in the article...