Well, you can't say they didn't give it a good run. A couple years after they first got hitched, Target and Radio Shack have called it quits in the mobile business, with their divorce taking effect April 8. That'll seemingly affect the 1,500 stores that have Target Mobile in place -- and that means a lot of Android phones in front of a lot of eyeballs. It sounds like prepaid and accessories might have been the sticking point. 

From Radio Shack's press release:

Since October 2012, RadioShack had been renegotiating the terms of the relationship with Target to establish an agreement that would be profitable to both companies. At that time, RadioShack executed a termination notice that would allow the company to exit the Target business if an agreement could not be reached.

We'll have counselors on hand for anyone who needs 'em.

Source: Press release


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Target and Radio Shack head to divorce court


AC, I need therapy for this. This has got to be the saddest and most upsetting thing I have heard since the closing of Wonder Bread and the demise of the tasty treat known as twinkies. So please, send one of your counselors now before I go ballistic and start shopping at Wall-Mart......

Not surprising. Every time I walked by the phone area, the rep was always sitting there bored out of his mind.

Target did a piss-poor job with this though. They just shoe-horned the "phone department" into an aisle right next to the electronics desk. So they were always in the way due to the high traffic in that spot. They didn't give them a good, dedicated area that was inviting and let people go in there to look at phones and talk to the reps. I talked to the rep one time and I felt like I was being hurried the whole time because of all the people trying to get by me.

Yeah, the location is idiotic. However, some locations are now putting the kiosk in front where all the registers are (where the photo labs are). Oh and Target Mobile is being taken over by MarketSource. Not out of a job.

The sad thing about the people who are now out of jobs is that the big four really frown upon hiring Radio Shack castoffs. Took me seven months and 6 interviews to latch on with one of em after I left Target Mobile. Good luck to any of the affected who read this.

Why is there an issue with hiring former Shafters?

As a former Radio Shack manager from 20+ years ago, it seems that having trained employees coming on board would be a GOOD thing.
They did train y'all, didn't they?

Am I the only one who didn't even know Target had an in-house Radio Shack?

Am I also the only one who remembers going to Radio Shack for cool electronics and electronic components, and not cell phones?

Yeah, I was work at Target and every time I passed the Target Mobile Kiosk, the reps were bored out of their mind. Should've moved it to the front of the store.

Hmmm, that explains the guy in the black shirt lurking round not doing a whole lot while the usual red shirted target lot are running around.

I shop at Target maybe once or twice a month.

This is the FIRST time I've even heard about a mobile phone dept at Target stores,
let alone the fact that Target was in bed with Radio Shack.

What idiot at Target or Radio Shack was put in charge of making customer aware of
this brilliant idea? :)

Target Mobile employee here. It honestly was a good idea, but as most of you have already pointed out, nobody knew about it. Guests could get all of their Target discounts (red card, pharmacy rewards, employee discounts for Target employees) and a lot of times we were way cheaper than corporate stores, Best Buy or Walmart. The problem was that we were not allowed any advertising in the store itself aside from our small isle, which is usually in the back of the electronics department, out of sight. As someone mentioned, there was a plan to move us into our own section at the front of the store, but obviously that never really took off.

I'm sorry here guys and I do not mean to be a wet blanket for anyone as my heart goes out to those who are losing their jobs but I will be glad to see this end. I absolutely hate walking into the electronics area of Target and taking a stroll down the "cell isle" and be bombarded with, "Hey check out this phone!" Sometimes I just like to look and kill time.

It's not going away. MarketSource is taking over. I don't want to lose my job, so I hope this happens. Also, yeah, those guys are annoying. I just greet the people, ask if they have questions, and leave them be. Then ask again if they lurk for a longer time. Also, they should change the damn name from Target Mobile to something that doesn't say Target. This will lesson the chance of people getting mad that I cant ring them up or unlock something for them. I'm not authorized. Last time I did that to just help around, management scolded me.

Where is the target that you work at? We can ring up target guests, unlock and handle merchandise, and are very much encouraged to do so at my store.

Pasadena. We are encouraged to point customers in the right directions, just not use Target's systems, or keys. Also we can't do any trade ins here because of a pawn shop law.