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Tapatalk HD got a healthy update, but it may be a bit premature as force close issues plague the camera features

Tablet owners that use Tapatalk have an update waiting for them in the Play Store today, bringing Tapatalk HD up to v1.2.0. The change log mentions a new camera and photo editor in the latest version, however I'm unable to verify that thanks to consistent force closes. Trying to attach a photo using the gallery or by taking a new one on my Nexus 7 always leads to Tapatalk HD cashing, forcing me to exit the app.

Thankfully the new sub-forum search seems to be working without a hitch. It's now possible to search for keywords in sub-forum threads, search by thread title only, and search by author. The search results can be displayed as either threads or posts, depending on what you're looking for.

"New Jelly Bean Notifications style" is also listed as a new feature, however this must be purely aesthetic since notifications are not expandable in Jelly Bean.

Hit the Play Store link at the top to get the update. I hope my force close problems are isolated. Anyone else having better luck? Sound off in the comments.


Reader comments

Tapatalk HD updated in Play Store today


Tapatalk HD makes me wish I spent more time on forums, but as it stands I just can't justify the price. I bought the original, and now they want more money from me to buy a tablet optimized version? I support the developer, and I think they do great work, but having a separate paid app for a tablet version is what iOS does, not Android. I might be alone here, but I feel like they are trying to force me to double dip. Just my 2 cents, more power to anyone who disagrees with me.

Unless it removes the nag pop up I get when I visit a website and hit reply to a blog post button, or adds an option to open tap talk directly to the forum in question from that nag pop up, the app is pointless.

I did purchase the HD version on opening day for $0.99 and I also own the phone version as well. The HD version is slowly (very slowly) getting better and almost on equal footing with the phone version however the fact that they made the decision to ONLY support push notifications in the HD version is beyond disappointing. Many forum operators/owners refuse to update to the latest plug-in for various and legitimate reasons which leaves us users out in the cold. If the site you are visiting does not use the newer push plugin, you will never get notifications from that site to any threads or forums you mark. Only the older phone version still supports the pull notifications on a time interval.

P.S. v1.2.1 was released this morning, so perhaps your FC issue was addressed.