4Square test drive

If you're using Foursquare on your Android phone, and are willing to try out a testing version (with photos and comments), listen up.  Dennis Crowley, a member of the Foursquare for Android team, is looking for testers of the new app on Twitter. You'll need to be able to sideload applications on your phone, and be ready just in case things don't work quite as expected -- that's why it's a test.  Here's the link to the file, as provided by Mr. Crowley.  Now go check in somewhere! [@dens]


Reader comments

Take Foursquare for Android with photos and comments for a test drive


Uhm? Just use Gowalla instead. Their app have had photos and comments since I started using it this spring...

What issues were you having with foursquare in regards to Sense?

Also does Gowalla have the integration with foursquare?

With FS..I can never post my check ins to FBook. Sense runs it's own HTC Facebook for Sense, I've tried everything. Seriously the most frustrating thing ever. Gowalla does have integration w/ Foursquare which is cool.

i updated to CM 6.1.2 yesterday on my original droid...and foursquare disappeared, and cannot be found in the market

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