T-Mobile 3G issues with Nexus One

OK, you wanted to know what T-Mobile's doing about 3G problems with the Nexus One. Here's the ugly truth. Above are some of the bullet points customer-service types are being given, at least as of Jan. 9.

Pretty basic troubleshooting steps here, such as making sure you're actually in a 3G-covered area, power-cycling the Nexus One, trying other 3G-enabled phones and the like. It does note that when WiFi is active, the 3G symbol won't appear, but you knew that already, right?

Otherwise, continue to stand by, folks. [via Engadget]


Reader comments

T-Mobile's steps for taking calls about the Nexus One 3G issues


Google a.d T-Mobile are being much more forward than Apple ever was with their 3g issues. To this day Apple has not admitted fault for the horrendous reception iPhone 3g customers had when the phone was new. I know, I had one.

This is almost definitely an HTC issue. The Eris had the same issue when it first came out on Verizon. One OTA update took care of that issue. I can't imagine it's T-Mobile, as much as I would love to blame them. I like HTC, and hate T-Mobile with a passion, but you gotta face facts. At least Android rocks, though.