T-Mobile EOL list

T-Mobile USA may be preparing to wrap up sales of a handful of its mid to high-end Android devices, if a leaked internal screenshot is to be believed. The leaked photo, obtained by TmoNews, appears to show part of an internal stock system. In it, the following devices are marked as "nearing EOL", meaning "end-of-life" status --

End-of-life status means that a phone will no longer be stocked, meaning it'll likely have been replaced by something newer and shinier. What it doesn't affect, however, is software and hardware support. The Sensation, for example, is still scheduled to receive an update to Ice Cream Sandwich, and if true, the news that it may reach EOL in the near future doesn't change that. Nevertheless, it's surprising to see phones like the myTouch Q and Amaze 4G nearing EOL already, given that they've only been on sale since October.

It's also true that even after a phone is EOLed, sales will continue as long as there's stock remaining in outlets. So we're willing to bet you'll still see these devices in T-Mobile stores for a few more months. Right now, the biggest question centers on what T-Mobile will be replacing them with later in the year.

Source: TmoNews


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T-Mobile's Sensation, Amaze 4G, myTouch Q and others reportedly 'nearing end-of-life'


I hope there's a decent keyboard-equipped Android in T-Mobile's horizon. After the DoublePlay, MyTouch Q and 4G Slide go EOL, the only thing left is the Sidekick 4G and the Gravity Smart. :-(

Nevertheless, it's surprising to see phones like the myTouch Q and Amaze 4G nearing EOL already, given that they've only been on sale since October.

One wonders if carriers sometimes EOL phones that just don't sell or which have a high incidence of warranty replacements.

The Amaze 4G has very decent specs for the price.

Interesting that a phone can "EOL" in less than a year, but *we* have to wait 2 years (in most cases / contracts) to get a new phone. HTC Sensation on T-Mo here, but I'm jones'in for something with a bit more RAM and juice after seeing what my Prime can do! :)

Thats the main drawback with Android. I love Android but there are so many phones coming out all the time that your phone is EOL before you have it a year and once it reaches EOL most of the time there are no more updates for the phone. Thats why so many of us Root our phones to be able to update and keep our phones fresh and new.

This happened with me with my old G2 and now with the Sensation. Granted, I left Tmo back in November but I would be furious that my high end android device (Sensation) would be EOL'd in less than a year. This is why I can no longer justify android to myself anymore.

The progress is just too fast for the industry. Device support is atrocious for the vast majority of the entire platform (only not including the Nexus series) and as someone who likes to buy somewhat future-proofed devices I can't consider android anymore.

I mean quad-core? Really? Do we really need quad-core phones when most of the apps we use now aren't written for dual-core? What's the advantage of quad-core in the phone?

If the carriers are going to EOL phones within months of release, they should at least have the decency to unlock bootloaders from the start so that the customers can keep their software fresh over 2 years. God knows that the carriers don't care about software updates...